Lucy & Michael Play Tent

Everyone loves a bit of adventure, especially kids. So if you want to play with them and find them something interesting to do for a day, you can try making them a tent in the living room or in their room. You can use old bed sheets and chairs and ropes or, even better, you can buy this Lucy&Michael tent for them. This tent is perfect for your kids and is colourful, great in design and easy to use. It covers a surface of 5 square feet and is five feet tall. The tent can be used both indoors and outdoors and is pretty stable thanks to the four wooden sticks that are parts of the frame that keep it standing.

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The tent is made of beautifully patterned canvas, so great for kids. I love it, too and I bet many adults would like to stay in that tent for at least a few minutes and play with the kids, imagining they are children again. It is fun and nice and looks pretty good, too. The tent can be purchased from My Urban Child for $320 and was designed by Lucy and Michael.