Mobile Home Gains Permanence Through Carefully Planned Design

Mobile homes don’t really offer that sense of comfort and coziness that permanent houses do. However, every once in a while we come a confident and talented architecture studio that manages to surprise us. Our latest discovery is the house designed by PAD studio. The practice greatly values sustainability and the environment and likes to inspire people to live, play, learn and grow and the best way to do that is through amazing architecture and design. This is a studio that likes challenges and takes each project head on determined to make it unique and amazing.

Sustainable mobile home in UK exterior and decks

This extraordinary mobile home can be found in a clearing in the New Forest District, UK. The client has a few very specific requests. First of all, they didn’t want this to feel or look like a mobile home. They also wanted it to have lots of light, to be sustainable and very low-energy and to have lots of natural light.

Sustainable mobile home in UK wooden exterior

The house was designed as an upgrade for its owners who used to live in a caravan. They enjoyed the style but wanted something with a sense of permanence and the charm specific to regular homes without giving up their love for mobile houses. The local building regulations limited the length of the house to 20 meters and the width to 7 meters. The whole structure was prefabricated and then brought on the site in two separate parts. It was assembled and it can easily be taken apart in order to be moved to a different location whenever desired.

Sustainable mobile home in UK architecture and design

Self-sufficiency was an important requirement for the project. So the architects made sure to install solar panels on the roof, to build sewage treatment facilities, to add underground tanks for rainwater and an air-source heat pump.

Sustainable mobile home in UK porch outside dining room

To make the house look less like a caravan and more like a lovely forest cabin, the exterior was clad in wood and panels of dark-stained chestnut. Large windows provide lots of natural light for the interior spaces while also offering panoramic views of the surroundings and the house even has a small deck and a porch.

Sustainable mobile home in UK living room sofa

The interior is cozy and inviting, featuring natural oak, limestone and white panels on the walls meant to create a sense of spaciousness despite the limited footprint. The living room features a beautiful gray sofa with green and purple accent pillows and built-in cabinetry with open shelving.

Sustainable mobile home in UK dining room and kitchen

The dining area and the kitchen and just around the corner and behind the living room wall unit. A wood-burning stove heats all three spaces. The dining room opens onto a small patio which is perfect for enjoying the morning coffee or a quiet dinner.

Sustainable mobile home in UK kitchen u shape

The kitchen is U-shaped and with plenty of counter space. Storage comes in the form of open shelves and wall-mounted cabinetry, maintaining an overall spacious and airy feel. Windows on two sides of the room provide natural light and beautiful views.

Sustainable mobile home in UK hallway windows

The house even has a home office. It’s small but bit enough to accommodate a sofa, a minimalistic desk and plenty of storage. Floor-to-ceiling windows and a glass door connect the room to a lovely deck with chairs and a small table.

Sustainable mobile home in UK home office

The bedroom also opens to the outdoors. It has a floating bed, large windows and matching wooden floors and ceiling. A cozy seating area occupies one of the corners, featuring a comfortable chair with a matching footstool and a side table.

Sustainable mobile home in UK bedroom design

The bathroom doesn’t have large windows but a skylight provides all the natural light it needs. A glass walk-in shower is placed in the corner and a large mirror creates a sense of space despite the small size of the room.

Sustainable mobile home in UK bathroom shower