15 Lovely Spring Place Cards for Your Easter Table

If there’s one thing that really takes a party to the next level, it’s a place card. It conveys to your guests that they are expected and wanted and valued because you took the time to make them and put thought into where they should sit and by whom. So when you’re planning your Easter brunch, it’s pretty much impossible to leave out place cards. Spring is when you get to put calligraphy on eggs and put flowers on plates. With all the spring DIY place card options, you just can’t not. So here are 15 lovely spring place cards for your Easter table.

Faceted egg place cards

These little geometric eggs are a super cute way to hold an initial or a name. They’re made from clay so it is definitely a project you can pull off last minute and set them out in time for brunch. (via Sugar and Cloth)

Mini planters place cards

On the eggs note, make some eggshells into planters that you can pair with a name at each guest’s place. They’ll enjoy having a little favor to take home after brunch is over. (via The Merrythought)

Animal clip place cards

Everybody has seen the gilded animal place cards at some point. While a cow might not quite fit with your Easter table, you can use rabbits and chickens and sheep instead. This will go especially well with the kids around the table. (via The Ideas of the Vale)

Leaf initial place cards

When you can use nature as decor, do it! If there are leaves out your window, use them to cut out initials for all your guests. Adding the gold leaf is for bonus points. (via Paper n Stitch)

Peep place cards

Where would we be without peeps for Easter? Pay tribute to the bright little marshmallows by making these peep Easter card holders. No matter what they hold, they’ll look so festive. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Mini basket place cards

These are possibly the most adorable place cards I’ve ever seen, period. You can make those eggs candy for guests or you can make them decoration so you can pull these out for every Easter brunch in future years. (via The House That Lars Built)

Fruit kabob place cards

You probably have fruit salad on the brunch menu already. So keep a few slices back to cut out your guests names. You’ll find a hundred other uses for those mini cookie cutters too. (via Creative Live)

Chalkboard egg place cards

Chalkboard eggs? Brilliant. Paint some wooden eggs with chalkboard paint and then no matter who shows up to brunch, they’ll have a place card! Now that’s being prepared. (via Eatwell 101)

Copper floral place cards

Spring flowers are always welcome at the Easter table. And since everyone is making everything copper nowadays, you can combine the trends by using just a bit of copper pipe to corral your blooms on each plate. (via A Joyful Riot)

Giant doily place cards

Got clear plates? Use your best handwriting to put your guests’ names on the giant doilies and place them under each plate. They’ll make the prettiest chargers you’ve ever seen. (via Martha Stewart)

Air plant place cards

These air plant wreath place cards popped up on my feed this past Thanksgiving, but I think they’re more appropriate for Easter. Because anything green belongs on the Easter table, right? (via Lovely Indeed)

Mini nest place cards

Some of the very best place cards are edible. I doubt anyone will protest these coconut covered nest place cards. In fact, they can serve as your first course. Boom. (via Lovely Little Kitchen)

Watercolor place cards

Watercolors are definitely a good match for any other flowers you have on your Easter table. So don’t be afraid to make simple Easter place cards by just watercoloring your paper. It’s so visually gorgeous and simple. (via Style Me Pretty)

Calligraphy eggs place cards

I mentioned calligraphy on eggs so how could I let you down? Put your guests’ names in scrawly print on colored eggs. Whether they eat them or not, they’ll make a nice addition to your Easter tablescape. (via Sugar and Charm)

Marble initial place cards

Looking for place cards that are a little more permanent? Make these pretty initial pieces with marble tiles and letter stickers. They’ll be useful for every dinner you host all year round. (via Sugar and Cloth)