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The Kenmore Vacuum Perfect For Your Household’s Needs

Vacuuming the house is something that nobody looks forward to but investing in the right vacuum cleaner can make the job a whole lot easier. Today, we are going to take a deeper look into a vacuum of one of the most popular brands on the market: Kenmore.

Kenmore Vacuums

Aside from learning what are some of the best vacuums they sell, we’re also going to learn more about vacuums in general, with an emphasis on what you need to look for when buying one.

Top 3 Picks

Best Value: Kenmore 81414 400 Series Vacuum

“All in all, I really don’t think you can get a better designed, more powerful, or durable vacuum machine at this price.” (Customer review)

Best for Pet Hair Removal: Kenmore 31140 Vacuum

With a powerful turbine that spins the roller brush, the Kenmore 31140 is one of the best vacuums for removing pet dander and hair from carpets.

Best Robot Vacuum: Kenmore 31510 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

“I’ve never owned a Roomba, but I can’t imagine it is any better than this!” (Customer review)

About Kenmore

With 100 years of experience in making home appliances, Kenmore started producing vacuums back in 1932. While the company produces and sells pretty much everything from dishwashers to water heaters, their vacuum line became very popular because of the diversity and convenient price range of the products.

The company debuted back in 1913 when it started selling its very first sewing machine. It then started producing wringer washers, cooking appliances, and dishwashers. In the 1970s, they started making microwave ovens but continued to improve its existing products.

What to Look for in a Vacuum

There are plenty of things to consider before spending money on a vacuum cleaner. Do you need to clean carpets or hardwood floors? Do you vacuum when others are resting or does the noise output mean nothing to you? Do you have pets or children that are likely to make a mess? Do you want a cordless or a corded model? Prior to purchasing a vacuum cleaner, here are some of the features to keep in mind:

Dirt bag/container capacity

Vacuum cleaners are either bagged or bagless. Bagged models are either made with cloth bags that require emptying and cleaning when full, or paper bags that can be thrown away and replaced with new ones. Bagless models have a dirt bin with a certain capacity and it’s important to look for those that have at least a one-liter capacity so you can vacuum the entire house without having to stop midway and empty the container. Bagless vacuums means that you won’t have to spend money on replacement bags, making them lower maintenance products.


The suction power of a vacuum is really important because it determines its cleaning efficiency. Usually measured in air watts, the suction of a vacuum is related to the motor’s main power. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a vacuum with a high motor rating doesn’t always guarantee good suction. For example, if you have pet hair that you’re trying to pull out of the carpet, it’s important to have good suction power, but the head of the vacuum also needs a motorized pet hair brushroll to be efficient.

Air filtration

Some of the best vacuum cleaners out there are those that have a HEPA filtration system. This filtration system is even more important if you have any known allergies that could be triggered by airborne contaminants, such as pet dander or dust. There are a few key things to remember here. First of all, expensive vacuums are the ones that minimize energy losses that are usually caused by HEPA filtration systems. Second, the air filtration level will eventually lead to filter maintenance. While there are vacuums with filters that can be cleaned and reused, others require permanent replacement, upping the maintenance cost.


In order for you to get the very best cleaning experience, you want to opt for a vacuum cleaner that includes the accessories needed to help you clean delicate places or spots that are difficult to reach. In terms of vacuum accessories, you are going to need a crevice tool (which is long and narrow, and can help clean edges, gaps, crevices, corners, and more), a dusting brush (great for removing fine dust particles), a motorized pet tool (mostly useful if you have pets), and an upholstery tool (great for cleaning chairs, armchairs, sofas, and sometimes even carpets and rugs).


The reach of a vacuum cleaner is translated into the distance between the power outlet and the maximum distance it can reach with the power cord extended to the maximum. Upright vacuums, for example, can’t usually reach further away than the length of the cord, while those that have hoses or telescopic arms can reach even further.

Types of Vacuums to Consider

Vacuums are available in different shapes and sizes, and this will impact a lot of the usability of a product. Naturally, each type of vacuum cleaner has pros and cons, and here is what you need to know about each type:

Upright vacuums

Being less expensive compared to canister vacuums, this particular type is better for carpet deep cleaning. Due to their design, they are easier to store. However, it can be difficult to maneuver considering the fact that you’re pushing and pulling a unit that weighs around 20 pounds. If that sounds like a problem, you can filter lightweight units and choose one that’s easy to maneuver. Even so, the best models also tend to be the heaviest.

Canister vacuums

When you want to clean bare floors, canister vacuums are a much better choice. They usually come with a bunch of attachments that make it easy to clean upholstery and drapers. There are plenty of quiet models in case noise is a concern to you. They do tend to be quite bulky and the combination between the wand and the hose make these vacuums more difficult to store.

Handheld vacuums

There are small and lightweight models that can serve really well for quick surface cleaning. They can come in handy for cleaning your car, but they are useful for quick spills or cleaning small messes without having to pull out a larger vacuum. They don’t have a lot of power and their tanks are low-capacity ones.

Cordless stick vacuums

These vacuums are pretty good at cleaning pet hair and work well with carpets and bare floors alike. Due to their cordless design, you don’t risk tripping over a wire, and their design makes it pretty easy to store them. They tend to be quite expensive and the fact that they run on batteries can be a little problematic.

Corded stick vacuums

Much like upright vacuums, the design of this type of product features a handle at the end of a tall body and a powerhead at the other end. They are pretty lightweight and useful for cleaning quick messes. They aren’t as good as other types of vacuums, so they aren’t suitable to be used as primary vacuums.

Robotics vacuums

You might have heard about the Roomba vacuum and even if this is a general term used to describe this type of product, the correct term is robotic vacuum, Roomba being brand name. These are maintenance products that will lightly clean dirt and keep surfaces decent between two vacuuming sessions. Usually controlled with a smartphone app, these robotic vacuums aren’t suitable for deep cleaning and can’t replace the need for a full-sized vacuum.

Central vacuums

What makes these vacuums so special is the fact that there is no vacuum body to pull around the house. They are pretty quiet and have a dirt chamber with plenty of volume. They are quite expensive and require professional installation.

Best Kenmore Vacuums

Kenmore 81414 400 Series Vacuum

Kenmore BC7005 Vacuum

The Kenmore 81414 is a canister vacuum that’s capable of cleaning your home in a very efficient and quick manner. It has a powerful two-motor system that rotates the brushes efficiency for good suction and great sweeping. It has a HEPA filtration system that can collect 99.97 percent of the debris found inside your home and leave it squeaky clean after every use. The cord measures 26 feet and has an auto rewind feature that allows you to get it out of the way pretty fast. It also includes an upholstery cleaning head, a crevice head, and a bare floor head.


  • Accessories for multiple surface cleaning.
  • 4 adjustable height levels.
  • HEPA filtration system.
  • Quick wand assembly.


  • Wheels appear flimsy.

Kenmore 10701 Vacuum

Kenmore BC7005 Vacuum

The Kenmore 10701 performs just as you want a canister vacuum to perform. It features cyclone technology that can put that centrifugal force to good use and is capable of sucking in dirt and pet hair from your carpet. It hosts a HEPA filter system which is well-known for its efficiency in trapping the majority of debris, keeping your home safe from allergy triggers. The adjustable wand can end up reaching nine feet in length. The 10701 vacuum includes three accessories for easier cleaning, similar to what the Kenmore 81414 has to offer.


  • Includes three attachments for cleaning multiple surfaces.
  • Smooth floor movement because of quality wheels.
  • Long handle that makes it easy to pull around.


  • Cord tends to get in the way.

Kenmore 22614 Vacuum

Kenmore BC7005 Vacuum

If you’re tired of having to change or clean the dust bag of your vacuum cleaner, why not opt for a bagless model like the 22614 by Kenmore? The transparent canister will always let you know just when it’s time to clean it, and the design of the vacuum makes it easy to remove and clean it. It comes with a HEPA filter system that can trap allergens, keeping your home clean on a regular basis. The telescoping wand can be adjusted to reach lengths of up to nine feet. It comes with a dusting brush and a crevice tool for more versatile cleaning.


  • HEPA filter system.
  • Includes 2 accessories.
  • Retractable cord.
  • Large powerhead.


  • Weighs 22 pounds, can be difficult to pull around.

Kenmore 31140 Vacuum

Kenmore BC7005 Vacuum

Our next suggestion is one of the best upright vacuums that Kenmore ever made. Efficient in removing all kinds of debris and dirt, this is a product that works on multiple surfaces and will keep your entire house cleaned after each vacuuming session. With 19.5 pounds in weight, the design of this vacuum makes it easy to clean floors while maintaining a correct posture, which is important especially for people with lower back problems. It features an air-driven turbine that spins the roller brush for efficient pet hair removal. The true HEPA filter reduces the variety of contaminants found in your home, while the aluminum wand can be extended to reach up to 10 feet.


  • Good for back pain.
  • Efficiently removes pet hair and dander.
  • Great for people with allergies.


  • Not the most efficient on hardwood floors.

Kenmore Elite 10441 Vacuum

Kenmore BC7005 Vacuum

With the Kenmore Elite 10441 vacuum, you’ll be getting a lot of power and plenty of accessories that can facilitate the cleaning process overall. It has a telescoping wand that allows you to adjust the height of the vacuum so you’ll never have to bend over while cleaning the floors. With only six pounds in weight, it’s one of the lightest upright vacuums Kenmore has ever made. The cordless design eliminates the risk of having any pesky wires getting in the way while you clean your home. It comes with five accessories for a complete floor-cleaning experience.


  • Uses a quality HEPA filter.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Cordless design.
  • Adjustable telescopic wand.


  • Poor battery life, unsuitable for large homes.

Kenmore 31220 Vacuum

Kenmore BC7005 Vacuum

One of Kenmore’s most popular vacuum cleaners is the 31220, a model that’s looking to clean multiple surfaces while providing you with features that offer a great bang for the buck. A lot of the characteristics of this vacuum are just technologies and features that you see across the majority of their models, including the powerful air-driven turbine that powers the brush and the HEPA filtering system which can now be washed instead of replaced altogether. The bagless design makes it easy to take the canister apart, empty it and clean it, without the need for purchasing extra consumables.


  • Washable HEPA filter.
  • Powerful suction.
  • Works on multiple surfaces.
  • Dust bin is easy to remove and clean.


  • Falls on the heavy side.

Kenmore 31510 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Kenmore BC7005 Vacuum

When it comes to robot vacuum cleaners, most people think about the Roomba, but we can assure you that the Kenmore 31510 is a pretty solid competitor. With up to 120 minutes of runtime before it requires a full charge, this robot cleaner is designed to handle small messes and just keep the floor tidier between two cleaning sessions. It allows you to select between the three available speed options. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home voice commands but also compatible with the designated smartphone app, everything about this cleaner can be controlled remotely. It comes with efficient navigation technology and anti-bump sensors.


  • Alexa and Google Home compatibility.
  • Can be controlled through app.
  • Anti-bump sensors.
  • Includes multiple brushes.


  • Requires charging every 2 hours.

Kenmore DU2012 Vacuum

Kenmore BC7005 Vacuum

The Kenmore DU2012 is an upright vacuum that meets the benchmarks most of us have established in order to determine what sets a good Kenmore vacuum apart from a bad one. Using the company’s AllergenSeal system, this is a vacuum that promises maximum efficiency when cleaning your floors. We love the lightweight design, as this baby weighs a mere 14 pounds, which is nothing for a vacuum cleaner that appears large and sturdy. It has a swiveling system so that you can rotate the head with ease and clean tough spaces without too much effort. Also, the integrated LED lights make it easy to see what’s going on while you’re vacuuming underneath the couch.


  • LED headlights.
  • Extra-large dust collector capacity.
  • Swivel system.
  • Lightweight construction.


  • Not very efficient on tile & hardwood floors.

Kenmore BC7005 Vacuum

Kenmore BC7005 Vacuum

The last product on today’s list is another one of Kenmore’s best canister vacuums, which also happens to be available in a beautiful rose gold color. It uses the AllergenSeal System, which can trap up to 99.97 percent dust inside the vacuum. The 2-motor system is designed to power the rotating brushes for maximum efficiency on rugs and carpets. The power flow technology embedded in this vacuum is designed to provide excellent power and performance for the value. The swivel system makes it really easy for you to vacuum in spots that would normally be difficult to reach. The electronic dirt sensor will literally let you know where you need to do some more cleaning.


  • Intelligent dirt alert system.
  • Swivel system for reaching difficult spots.
  • 5 included accessories.
  • AllergenSeal system.


  • Hose is stiff and short.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Are Kenmore vacuums still available?

While Kenmore’s products are available for purchase at Sears, Kmart, Howards, and Amazon, the production of these units has been discontinued at the end of 2016.

Who makes Kenmore vacuums now?

In the past years, Kenmore vacuums were made by Panasonic.

How long do Kenmore vacuums last?

If you take good care of a Kenmore vacuum, it can usually last up to eight years.

What vacuum does Consumer Reports recommend?

According to Consumer Report testing, some of the best vacuums are those made by Miele and Shark.

In Conclusion

Whether you want to buy a Kenmore vacuum or a product made by some other brand, it’s really important to evaluate your needs first. While some types of vacuums are less expensive than others and might seem more convenient at first, they could have drawbacks that include shorter lifespans or be high-maintenance products.