How to organize your media room so that everyone can enjoy it

Almost anyone who has a free room in their home would not even think twice before turning it into a media room. But having the space and the desire is not everything it takes. It’s not that easy to choose the right décor, the right furniture and the right colors. We know that so we thought we would give you a few tips.For example, if you’re the type of person that likes to enjoy a good movie with your close friends, then you might want to have more than just a tiny sofa in the media room.

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It’s clear that the screen should go on a wall and the seats on the opposite side. But arranging them in such a way that everyone sits comfortably and doesn’t have problems seeing the movie or whatever you’re all watching can be tricky.If the media room has a rectangular shape, then you could put the screen on one of the narrower walls. Then you can have rows of seats in front of that wall. The first row could consist in a large sofa and the second one in a series of comfortable armchairs. An L-shaped sectional could also work, although it wouldn’t be exactly relaxing for everyone.

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If you value comfort and wish to make it a primary concern for the media room, then there’s also another possibility. Opt for a huge bed and put a bunch of pillows and cushions on one end. This way everyone can lie back, relax and be cozy while enjoying a movie with everyone else. The atmosphere will become very cozy. If you can’t find one large bed you can also get a modular set or two identical beds or sofas and put them together.

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As for the colors, since the goal is to create an inviting, warm and cozy atmosphere, earthy tones would work beautifully. If you wish to create a more dramatic look then you can paint the walls black. In any case, light colors should be avoided, especially white.{picture sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}.