How To Keep Your Desk Clean And Organized – Simple Tricks

A cluttered and messy desk can be the sign of a cluttered mind or of a creative genius but this is not a reason to let all the junk pile up till you can’t find your keyboard anymore. It’s best to come up with a system that lets you keep your desk clean and organized and this may even improve productivity.

A DIY pegboard shelving unit will allow you to make the most of a vertical space such as the wall in front of your desk. Hang shelves and containers for everything from pens to pictures and potted plants. A great way to keep everything off your desk and neatly organized.

Two or three average-sized shelves should be enough to let you store and organize your files, papers, pens and pencils and everything else that’s usually lying around on your desk or in the drawers. Free up the space and you can get a stylish and simple table instead of a desk with lots of drawers.

Make yourself a pallet desk and take the opportunity to turn the base into a bookshelf. It’s great if you don’t want all your books and documents occupying your desktop and you’d rather hide them somewhere close.

You can also make a desk using wooden crates. They let you build storage compartments, great for storing books, files and everything else.

A simple strategy can also be to simply get rid of everything you don’t need from your desk and keep them hidden in drawers or in boxes. You can keep the lamp and maybe a framed picture but you don’t really need all the staplers and everything else sitting there all the time.

Use the walls creatively. Personalize the one in front of your desk with personal photos, artwork, etc. and you won’t need to keep these things on your desk. You’ll have more room for things you can actually use.

Group all the little items in a tray. This includes things like pens, staplers, tape, sticky notes and other items you often use. Keep them all in one place instead of scattered all over the place.

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If you must keep all the basics on the desk either because you have nowhere else to put or because you find it practical this way, then come up with a system. Files can go on the right, pens on the left, etc. every little thing needs to have its own place where it’s easily accessible.

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Some desk make organizing easy. They include storage compartments placed in accessible areas and let you neatly organize everything. This can a nice option for those having a hard time keeping their desk neat or for kids that are just learning how to do so.