Three Simple Ways To Design A Stencil Pillow By Yourself

Every home can benefit from a little bit of DIY charm. So even if you’re not a bit DIY fanatic, you can still find ways to craft some extra beauty and character for the space. For example, a stencil pillowcase is something anyone can make. The project is not only simple but also highly customizable.

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The basic supplies you need for such a project include a blank pillow case, some cardboard, a letter stencil and a fabric marker. Using the stencil, write the message of your choice onto the pillow cover using a pencil at first. Then place the cardboard inside the pillow case and outline the letters with the marker.{found on witandwhistle}.

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The pillow case can be already existing one or a new one which is either store-bought or crafted as part of another simple DIY project. Once you have it, choose a font and print the design onto freezer paper. Carefully cut out the letters and iron the paper stencil onto the fabric. Then paint the letters and remove the paper. {found on classyclutter}.

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Letter stencils are only one option. You can also use a variety of other designs and patterns. For example, a geometric print would look really nice on a pillow. The process is very simple. Take the stencil, put it into the fabric and paint the design on. You can then add embellishments like buttons and beads. {found on cuttingedgestencils}.