How To Incorporate Tie Dye: Ideas & Inspiration

Incorporating tie dye into your home’s decor may be a challenge, but it sure will be a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a way to change things up a bit in an out-the-box, original way … then tie dye may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Don’t be confused, tie dye is not ombre. Ombre descends or ascends in shades of one color, while tie dye is more of a “swirl” or patterned colors. Curtains, carpets, or table linens .. maybe even some wall art. Let’s see what we can do with tie dye in the home with some of today’s ideas and inspiration!!

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Tie dye can be used in an artistic, eye-catching, sensual and even super chic way. Depending on the color combinations and where its placed in the room, this pattern can brighten, relax and stylize even the most bare, dull corners. And using tie dye curtains is a great, subtle way to incorporate the design. Use curtains that fuse the colors of the room they’re in or make the window pop and create an artistic focal point.

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Lighten it up with white curtains dipped in just one other color or bring in some youthful spirit with some loud shades. Those brighter, more playful colored curtains could be great for a craft room, kitchen or one of your child’s bedrooms. And those more toned down patterned curtains can be used for the foyer, living room or study.

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Then there is the carpet and rug option. If you have a subtle room with a clean look, using a patterned rug can really add a pop of design and style. Under the coffee table, in the hallway or foyer and even in the bathroom. Using a monochromatic pallet, then adding a pop of pattern on the floor can really do the trick if you’re looking for a more unique look without changing too much.

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If you’re a bit unsure of trying something too loud or too big, start off small with accessories. Wall art or pillows let you try out this bold pattern without committing to it 100 percent. Add some throw cushions on the sofa, in the bedroom or even by the entryway. Maybe even add a piece of DIY art to the kitchen or stairwell too.

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Tie dye can be used in an abundance of ways and this is just beginning. Check back for more ideas and inspiration on how to use this youthful, adorable pattern!