How To Have A Smart Home In 2013

We are currently in the era of smartphones and smart gadgets and we are witnessing a huge leap in terms of technology. Now everything seems to get smarter and smarter and this includes our homes as well. Would you like to know how you can have a smart home? Well, you could start by taking a look at some of the following gadgets:

For smart cleaning.

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Keeping a home clean is crucial. But it’s not as pleasant as you would want it to be. So here’s something that could help: the iRobot Roomba 790. It’s a robotic vacuum with wireless command center. You can control where the robot/vacuum goes using a touchscreen remote and you can also schedule daily cleanings. You can control it from up to 25 meters away. You don’t even need to be in line of sight. This really makes cleaning a breeze.{found on engadget}.

Smart security.

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Security is not something you should neglect or be cheap about. So maybe you would like to invest in a security kit that comes with a variety of sensors and options and that is also user-friendly. Created by SmartThings, a company that is attempting to wireless connect devices and objects to the internet, these kits come with a variety of motion sensons, open.closed sensors, presence fobs and electrical-outlet overlay. You can attach them to everyday objects and items such as doors and windows. It’s simple, smart and user-friendly.{found on allthingsd}.

Audio gadgets.

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This is Sonos Play:3, a very simple-looking but, at the same time, a very smart gadget for your home. The system allows you to have multiple speakers and to place them in different rooms, then being able to wirelessly play digital music tracks on any of them or on all of them at once. The company has also created Play:5 which is its latest wireless speaker unit. There are differences in price as well as in features between the two models.{found on techradar}.

Video gadgets.

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If you would also like to invest in video security, then maybe you should take a look at this system. Created by Logitech, this is the new Alert 750n Indoor Master System. It allows you to keep an eye on your home even when you’re not there. It’s easy to install and it comes with a free remote viewing account. It features high-quality HD video (960 x 720@ 15fps) capability, a 130-degree wide-angle and powerful night vision.

And speaking of video-related gadgets, maybe you would also like to take a look at these media streamers. Depending on the model and on the price, they come with all sorts of advantages. Many of them can play content directly from mobile devices. Some come with USB ports while others allow you to use the wireless connection. This way you can watch movies, view photos or even play games on your TV using your smartphone or tablet.{found on ubergizmo}.

Lighting controllers.

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This is Belkin’s WeMo duo, a controller that uses utilizes two types of plug-in modules paired with an iOS 5+ app which will allow you to control the lighting in your home and to schedule on/off times. The switch module goes on lamps, fans, coffee makers, TV, etc. and it can be controlled from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.{found on endgadget}.

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For those that would rather stick close to the basics, we found something interesting as well. Maybe you would like to take a look at this Bluetooth light bulb. The Bluetooth Bulb allows you to connect your phone with the lights in your home and to control them via an app. You can change the brightness, color ambiance or you can switch them on and off.{found on endgadget}.