How to Give the Hallway a New Look in One Day

Every once in a while I get bored of the old things I have and the way in which things are arranged in my house, so I try to give them a new face and look, I try to make them look different. But my idea is to do this without too much trouble and money, for example in a weekend when I have more free time. I thought of several solutions for redecorating the hallway in a few hours without too much trouble. You will see it takes little time, but if the entrance in your house is looking differently, you will be satisfied with the change.

A welcoming hallwayView in gallery

First of all you should know that the hallway is one of the places where you tend to store a lot of things, either useful or not. That is why the first thing to do is get rid of all unnecessary things or things you haven’t used in a while and this way you will make some room, which is important for the hallway.

A welcoming hallwayView in gallery

Then it would be a good idea to make a few changes that will bring more light into your hallway. For example if there is no window in the area, you should bring a lamp or two and use a mirror to reflect light. It helps to paint the walls in the hallway in white or pale colours. You can even paint the furniture there or purchase a new carpet in light colours.

Another idea is to use nice colourful tiles on the floor, but if you think this is too extreme, just clean the old one and bring some family pictures and place them on the wall for a more personal design.