How to Decorate the Kids Room with a Family Tree

When they are about five years old, children get curious about their origins and start asking questions. My daughter is really curious about the family relationships, who is whose mother and father and why her grandma is my mother and so on. But she is no exception, as all children do this. So when you notice their preoccupation in this topic, you’d better be patient enough and give them all the answers. So what if you made this really funny at the same time? I found a very simple, yet nice way of explaining the family tree to your children: decorate their room with a nice “Birds of a feather” family tree.

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I found this wonderful idea on Matha Stewart web site and I loved it immediately. You don’t even have to be talented for drawing , as you can find the right family tree templates and the birds templates. So the birds are the support and representation for each family member and you have to place one on every branch of the family tree. It’s really funny to paint the tree first with all its branches and leaves and then to add the birds in a different colour. And when the whole picture is dried you will just have to write each family member name on the bird and enjoy making family connections after that.

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