How To Decorate A Lobby?

The lobby is responsible for creating the first impression when entering a home, office, hotel, etc. It’s also the last space you see before you exit so it should really stand out with its design. However, the lobby or, as it’s sometimes called, the entrance hall, tends to be neglected. The fact is that decorating this space is not as easy as it may seem and the task can prove to be challenging ad surprisingly difficult. Here are a few aspects to take into consideration.


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Because the lobby is also often the waiting area in the case of hotels for example, it’s important for these spaces to be inviting and comfortable so the furniture needs to be chosen accordingly. Whether you’re opting for chairs, sofas, ottomans or couches, keep comfort in mind when choosing the design.

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You should also include coffee tables and end tables. The whole arrangement can be similar to the structure of a sitting area or living room.


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The color you use on the walls of a lobby can either make or break the space. Since this is the room that greets people when they first enter the space, the color palette should include warm and welcoming tones such as brown for example. For a minimalist décor you can choose a combination of neutrals like white or ivory and bold touches of yellow, aqua blue or purple. You can also incorporate color using wall paintings or accessories such as wall clocks.


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The lighting in a lobby should be a fusion of different types of fixtures. There can be a large chandelier at the center and some mood lighting on the side. You can also include floor and table lamps if the setting and the décor allows and sconces and candles are an option too. It’s important to properly illuminate all the different zones that make up the lobby.


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Pay attention to the architecture of the space. For example, a lobby with high ceilings can feature a sculptural design that draws attention to the area above while a space with low ceilings can impress in other ways, like with an interesting design that wraps around the room. If the lobby has columns then they can be incorporated into the design in a spectacular way.

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As far as private homes and residences go, the lobby can be a beautiful attraction that leaves the guests wanting more. For example, you can turn it into a beautiful gallery and display wall painting and framed artwork, perhaps even include an interesting sculpture. Another idea is to make a statement with an eye-catching light fixture or an interesting design for the ceiling.