How To Decorate The Laundry Room

Doing laundry is almost never a pleasant activity but perhaps it could be if the laundry room were more appealing and inviting. Don’t let monotony and boredom define this portion of the house. There are lots of great strategies for making the laundry room look beautiful and this can really boost your morale.

Add a carpet.

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An area rug or a carpet can really change the ambiance in a room. The laundry room may be a utilitarian space but it can be cozy and welcoming too. Pick a rug or a carpet with an interesting print or a colorful design.

Wallpaper the walls.

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Wallpaper is easy to put up and it instantly changes the way a room looks. Use wallpaper on the laundry room walls to change the atmosphere and make it feel more homey. A geometric print or a floral motif would look really nice.

Use storage baskets.

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Keep the laundry room nice and organized with storage baskets. Get a few shallow ones for the counter and group up your cleaning supplies. You can also use larger baskets on the shelves or inside the cabinets.

Paint the furniture a bold color.

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Add a little pizzazz to the room with some eye-catching furniture. You don’t have to invest in new one. You can simply paint the old furniture a bold color and it will look completely different.

Be practical with open shelves.

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Open shelves are extremely useful and practical in the laundry room. Use them to store often used items. Keep your cleaning products within reach and place the things you rarely use on the highest shelf.

Include a desk.

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The laundry room can be a very quiet and peaceful space so, if there’s enough space, you can also use it as your home office. Include a desk, preferably in front of a window to take advantage of the natural light.

Use it as a craft room.

Turn the laundry into a craft room with a big islandView in gallery

You can also use this space as your craft room. It’s where you go take care of your little creative projects, where you decorate gifts and where you make collages. A few shelves and a table are just what you need. You can have an island and also use for folding laundry.

Keep everything clean and organized.

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The first rule for keeping any space fresh and clean is to be organized. When you use an item, put it back when you’re done. Always clean up after yourself and don’t let the clutter take over the counter space. A clean room is always more inviting.