How to create a warm decor using colors?

In order for a space to feel like home it needs to be inviting, warm and friendly. You can achieve all that with color. Certain colors such as brown, orange or red are known for creating a warm and pleasant feel in a room. However, picking the color is only the first step. You also need to know how to use it.


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Yellow is a cheerful and fun color that symbolized happiness and liveliness. It’s an excellent accent color for summer but also a tone that can be used all year round in interior décor. Combine it with white for a spacious and open feel or with pastel tones for a more relaxing look. In combination with dark colors, yellow tends to stand out more because of the contrast.


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Stimulating, spicy and charged with energy, orange is the perfect color if you want to add some warmth to a room. It is, however, bold and vibrant so, depending on the shade you’re choosing, you can either paint a wall orange or use it throughout the room on the curtains, throw pillows, etc. Orange is a great color for a playroom.


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Because of its dramatic look, red is a tricky color which has to be used carefully. Painting the walls of a room red can often be a bad idea. It’s better to use red in small amounts. Certain shades like burgundy for example are more forgiving so they would look nice on an accent wall. An interesting idea can be to combine various tones of red in a room and to balance them out with neutral colors.


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Brown is a very popular color in interior décor. It’s rich but also neutral and warm and it can add drama to a small space or coziness to a large room. Combine it with white for a light look or combine different shades of brown and bring them together with creams. Dark brown is perfect for small spaces like the bathroom.

The right combo.

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Right colors comboView in gallery

Don’t feel compelled to only use warm colors if you want to create a warm décor. In fact, it’s better to combine both warm and cold tones to create a beautiful balance. There are certain combinations that stand out more such as brown and green or yellow and gray. Red can also look nice when combined with brown.

So what color would you pick as the star of your décor?