How To Choose The Right Accessories For Bathroom?

Since there’s not a lot of flexibility in terms of design in the case of the bathroom, the accessories are the key elements in determining the mood, style and look of this space. By selecting the right accessories you can make the bathroom look inviting, cozy, chic, glamorous, minimalistic or however else you want.

Asses the available space and layout.

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First of all, you need to take a good look at your bathroom and analyze the layout and the space as a whole. See where you could fit certain accessories, where they would be more practical and then you can decide on a type, shape, etc.

Focus on the basic and must-have accessories

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The first elements you need to focus on are the basic things like the faucets, the sink, the towel racks and the mirror. They need to match the style you’ve chosen for the room and they’ll set the tone for the rest of the accessories.

Give special attention to lighting fixtures.

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Bathroom lighting is often overlooked despite being one of the vital features that can completely transform the design. There should always be more than one light fixture in the bathroom. You can have a ceiling light such as a pendant or even a chandelier or something simpler for modern and minimalist designs. The second light sources should be in the vicinity of the mirror.

Don’t forget the smaller accessories.

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Aside from the basic elements there’s a whole range of small accessories every bathroom needs. These include things like the soap dish, toothbrush holder, shower curtains, toilet paper holder, etc. don’t just pick them randomly. They may be small but they can have a great impact on the overall décor. Take everything into consideration including color, shape, texture, size and material. You might also want to add a few purely decorative items like a vase for example.