How to choose the perfect color for your bathroom

When you start redecorating your home, the first step is choosing a new color. The color differs for each room. In the case of the bathroom there are some obvious choices. Let’s see which colors are more appropriate for this room and why.The most common choice for the bathroom is the blue. It’s mostly because of its connection with the water.

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The color blue also has a soothing effect and that’s another great advantage.There are several types of blue. The pastel shades are more relaxing and calming while the darker tones are more dramatic. The color blue is associated with the sky and the sea and both these environments are relaxing and soothing.

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Another great color for the bathroom, not as common as the blue but beneffic nevertheless, is peach. It’s a color that provides good reflection for the skin. Since all bathrooms have mirrors, it’s understandable why this is a great thing to take into consideration. Peach is also a warm color and this way the bathroom becomes an inviting and cozy space.

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Another soothing color is green. It’s a fresh color that can also helps create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Even though green is a cool color, the effect it produces is relaxing and calming.

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Other colors such as yellow or brown would also be appropriate for the bathroom. They are natural colors and the atmosphere they create is peaceful. Such colors make you feel closer to nature, especially if the rest of the decor is in sync with the walls and floor.

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Finally, it seems that colors such as violet and mauve will get popular again. These colors create a dusty appearance.In conclusion, almost all the colors are appropriate for the bathroom. Before choosing the right one, think of the space you have available, the decor that you want to create and also the atmosphere you wish to create.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.