How to Achieve Stunning Scandinavian Décor

Scandinavian décor is becoming very popular for 2013/2014 home design. Here are tips on how to add it to your living space, infusing your home with crisp trendiness.

What is Scandinavian Décor?

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Warm Touches Break the Ice

Scandinavian décor is represented by elegance and ease, set off with a bit of cozy home design thrown in for good measure. The look includes some important aspects, such as the following.

Refreshing Wood Tones.

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Fresh Scandinavian Style Heats up the Space

Blonde woods, such as white pine, are often popular choices when designing your home in Scandinavian influences. Colors that reflect wood tones, such as pale yellow and neutrals, are also good choices for your room’s color scheme.

A Bit of Fire Against Ice.

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Pinpricks of Red Seal the Deal

Add some fieriness and finesse to your interiors with a bit of red. This color is great in small bursts with Scandinavian décor. It adds a sense of modern and trendy flavor to the look. However, stick to a limited color scheme. As you can see in the picture above, the tiniest bit of passionate red is effective against clean neutrals.

Furniture that’s a Breath of Fresh Air.

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Make it Light and Lovely

Light fabrics and colors are important, as is having natural light streaming into the room to complete the airy feeling.

Clean-Cut, No Fuss Lines.

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Glossy Lines are a Scandinavian Stunner

Scandinavian furniture is marked by clean, sleek lines. Bear this in mind when choosing furniture for the room.

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Shapes Bring Trendiness to the Sleek Look

Geometry is also integral to the look, so incorporate some rectangles and circles. Geometrically-designed curtains, as can be seen in the picture above, work well when set against the long and sleek sofa as well as the rectangular table. It’s about blending opposites.

Softening Touches.

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Nature Caught in Décor

You can soften the hard lines of a room by including floral prints. You can get cushions covered in such floral patterns or have the real thing in the form of blossoms on your coffee table.

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Striped Furniture Adds an Extra Touch

Stripes are also a Scandinavian décor thumbs-up. They call to mind a nautical look, yet they are classic with ultra-modern flair.

Artistic Furniture.

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Simple Kitchen Chairs Become Works of Art

Well-designed and artistic pieces of furniture make a statement. Use modern and eye-catching designs for items you use regularly, such as chairs or sofas. This replaces the mundane with something innovative and chic.

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