How The Paint Color Affects The Mood In Each Room Of The House

Color is a language that we all understand and use, whether we realize it or not. Color plays an important role in interior décor and is used to create a certain type of mood which can vary from room to room. Each room has its own function and character and the ambiance should match those elements.

In the living room

White small gym room

The best colors to use here are warm tones such as red, yellow or orange but also earthy colors such as brown and beige and variations of all these colors. They stimulate conversation and encourage those in the room to interact.

In the kitchen

White small gym room

There’s not a particular set of color that are believed to be good and ones that are bad in this case. If your kitchen is not just a utilitarian space but rather a social area, then you’ll want it to be inviting, perhaps recreate the color scheme that the kitchen had during your childhood if this sends you a positive message.

In any case, watch out for red in the kitchen if you’re on a diet because it’s a color that stimulates appetite.

In the dining room

White small gym room

As we’ve just mentioned, red is a color that stimulates appetite and, while this may not be a great thing in the case of the kitchen, it’s a welcomed feature for the dining room. In addition, red also stimulates conversation.

In the bedroom

White small gym room

You may think that a palette of warm colors would be best for the bedroom but actually it’s the cool colors such as blue, green or lavender that are the best in this case because they have a calming effect on those in the room and the ambiance in general.

In the bathroom

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The bathroom is a space that needs to feel relaxing and rejuvenating as well as pure and clean so you could consider using colors such as whites and warm tones. However, colors such as blue, green or turquoise are really wonderful options as well.

In the home office

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Green is your best option in this case. It’s a relaxing and rejuvenating colors, the most pleasant to look at for long periods of time and it’s also believed to improve concentration and to promote productivity.

In the gym

White small gym room

For the workout room, you have two options. The first one is to use reds and oranges which are stimulating and energizing. However, these can also make you feel hot. The second option includes blues and green, also rejuvenating but a bit happier.