Hammock Swing from Kiosk

I am born in summer and I simply love summer. I can’t say I hate winter, but I am not crazy about it either. That is why I can’t wait for summer to come and for me to spend most of the time outdoors. My biggest pleasure is to stay in the garden and enjoy some quality time together with my family out in the open. This is when I like sitting on a bench or in a hammock and reading a good book. But there is one thing I hate about hammocks: they tend to swirl around you and keep you captive there like you are trapped in a cocoon. I mean this is what happens with most hammocks. However, I did find this amazing Hammock Swing from Kiosk and I found out that things can be different.

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This is not just a hammock, but a hammock swing, meaning that it is a kind of a bed made of a net but also a swing as it swings you to and fro, reminding you of the time when you were a baby and your mother used to swing you to make you sleep. What’s different at this particular hammock is the wooden frame which is oval and big enough to allow a human body stay comfortably in. At the same time it is the perfect place to tie the swing cords to, as it offers stability and resistance and it won’t break. You can even add a pillow and adjust the strings to the most comfortable position and you will have the best place for resting and relaxing. And all these for $230.