Greigii Taper Holder

Details are very important for everything. For example a dress without a small brooch or belt or a house without the small accessories are totally dull. And nothing can be worse than a dull house. It makes you feel like living in a place where you do not want to be. So if you want to love your home you just have to make it beautiful by adding the right small objects that decorate it. Here is a wonderful idea for a living room: the Greigii Taper Holder. It is small but effective for decorating the room and it also seems very artistic and elegant.

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As you can see, it is a nicely designed candle holder that is really original as design, being shaped like a tulip. The candle is placed in the middle of the tulip flower and seems to emerge from it. The tall stem of the flower is swirling at the base, forming a nice circle that supports the candle holder. The candle holder is made of brass and nickel and looks all shiny and beautiful. Its size (20cm H, 11cm diameter) makes it perfect for being displayed on any living room table, side table and even mantlepiece. It sells for €48.00.