Glass Cube Planters from Score+Solder

I love flowers and, even if I don’t have a garden, I do have lots of planters and flower pots I spread all over my apartment. But I am so tired of the old-fashioned planters and pots, so I started looking for something special, something unusual, but attractive, something to go with my modern house and at the same time something that can protect my plants against my curious children. And after some investigations on the Internet I found these gorgeous Glass Cube Planters from Score+Solder.

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These planters are actually very nice looking glass cubes that are filled with sand and soil and allow plants to grow inside. They are just like terrariums, only used for plants. They are perfect for cacti and can be embellished by adding some decorative stones inside. The planters have different sizes and you can have a small one for $110 and a large one for $130.