Get Sorted! Creative Storage Ideas that Use Space More Effectively

It’s not always easy to gain enough room for storage, especially if you live in a small space. Here are some easy ways to gain more room for all the things you need and love.

Choose Furniture that’s More than Pretty.

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Storage Space in Disguise as Furniture

Smaller storage can easily be achieved by beautiful furniture, such as ottomans, that are also sneaky places where you can store away things you don’t want cluttering your space.

Smart Staircases.

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The area underneath a staircase usually offers a large amount of space for storage. Install cabinets or drawers in this area. This is an especially good trick if you have a small living space because you are maximising as much of it as possible.

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Even the Stairs Themselves can be Useful

It’s not just the space beneath the staircase that can be used as storage – the stairs can become drawers in which one can place goods and items so that they are out of view.

Kitchen Confidential.

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Kitchen Goods with Flair

If you run out of space in the kitchen to pack away your utensils and other cooking paraphernalia, you can display such goods in the open and add a few other décor items to the mix to create a fun look that is supposed to look messy on purpose.

Creative Items Used for Storage.

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Luggage for Daily Use

You don’t always have to use drawers and cupboards for storage. There are many other items that provide a creative way to pack away your things. For instance, a vintage suitcase can be the perfect bedside table storage option.

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Coffee Table with Storage Secrets

Tables that have a modern design can also provide storage in their openings. This is a great place to keep newspapers, magazines or books.

Sleep on it.

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Keep it in the Bedroom

Storage can be achieved right under your bed, in the form of cabinets or drawers that are built under the bed. This is a discreet way of storing your treasured or private items, and when closed the drawers don’t give anything away.

Basket Basics.

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Baskets offer Nifty Storage Ideas

Sometimes it can’t be helped and you need to create more storage areas in one of your rooms. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Baskets can be an easy and creative way to achieve extra packing space.

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Think out the Basket

There are many varieties of baskets that you can use – perhaps even those baskets currently lying around your house! They can add a more casual, even rustic appeal to a room while saving you the problem of not having a place for your items that you want in reach without having to display.

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