Fused Glass Plates

When you have guests for dinner you might want to give them some other things to eat except for the meal itself, for example fruit, cakes or maybe some biscuits or something like that. And it’s not that nice to use a normal dinner plate for serving these, so you’d better use a special plate or bowl instead. I found some very nice and decorative fused glass plates on the web site belonging to the guys from Master Glass Art and I thought I should share the info with you.

Plate 12in whiteborderswcoloredstringersincenterstripView in gallery

These plates are very decorative and colourful and you can use them both as functional plates and also for decorating purposes by simply displaying them on a shelf. They are made of fused glass and, as you can see from the pictures, some of them are made from narrow stripes of coloured glass woven together in an intricate pattern, which gives an amazing overall effect , looking like a basket. The colours are carefully chosen in order to be perfectly combine and get a nice visual effect and the shape of these plates is usually square, which is a bit different, but in a good way, making them unique. You can now purchase these decorative plates for a price between $89 and $140.

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