Fun With Red & White Prints: Ideas & Inspiration

We all know black and white is the classic pair, but a red and white duo can give that timeless touch with a bit of extra punch and pizazz. With a nice print, you get the best of both worlds: light, bright, bold and stylish all in one. Classy and contemporary, Victorian and rich, eclectic with outside-the-box flair, there are lots of ways to incorporate fun, red and white prints into the house in big and small ways. Let’s have a look at some real-life versions and hopefully inspire some redecorating!

1. Wild and Fresh.

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I’m a big advocate of wallpaper. It’s making a comeback in a big way and with all the new and exciting designs, even just a book of your house should be covered with something fun. Just like this exciting and wild wallpaper meant just for this small, quaint bathroom. Reds and whites are fun and lively when put into small, busy prints so don’t be afraid to go with something this wild. Even if it’s just a small place or an accent wall in the hallway, it’s a great way to show off some personality!

2. Preppy & Classic.

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With just a touch of thick, red and white stripes you can add a bit of nautical, preppy inspiration! Perfect for the patio or near the pool some striped throw pillows or a striped bedspread will create a clean, carefree palette for the space. The chunkier the stripe, the better in terms of style. When the stripes get smaller, the design will seem more traditional than fashion-forward.

3. Vintage & Feminine.

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Toile is such a great print to use if you want a funky twist on a classic style. Whether it’s covering a chair or used on the curtains, you can create a charming, vintage inspired room with soft colors and pops of red and white toile! It’s bold, but used in the right ways will help to highlight a cozy, shabby-chic office.

4. Youthful & Loud.

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Chevron has a voice of its own no matter the colors used. But when you use red and white, you get a youthful and loud piece for any room that needs some jazzing. We love chevron rugs because they create depth and the illusion of space. But they’re also a great way to add personality and spontaneity to a quieter room. Under a desk, ottoman or bed, a chevron throw rug is the perfect bit of funk to jazz up the nooks!

5. Retro & Creative.

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There’s something really sweet and retro in feel when it comes to polka dots. And when they’re painted red and white, things get a little more interesting.  But they can also create lots of whimsy spirits to a small space, like in the stairwell. Get some wall pops to place on your fresh, white walls or grab some fun fabric to make lots of fun DIYs!