Fun and colorful room designed by Krista Salmon for her girl Lou

I’m sure you all remember your childhood. I personally have lots of nice memories from that period. Still, there is something that I wish I had back then: my own room. Well, it’s too late to wish for that now so let’s take a look at someone who has it and be happy for that kid. This is a very room that was designed by Krista Salmon of Kiki’s List for her little girl Lou.

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This is Lou big girl room. It’s very beautiful and fun, even though the colors are not as vibrant and dynamic as I would have imagined. Still, this doesn’t make it less fun or charming. In fact, the colors have been very well chosen and they result in a very inviting and lovely décor. I really like the pastel tones of turquoise and red. The ceiling has been painted with red stripes and it has a very beautiful chandelier. The room are pale blue and the whole room is very bright and fresh. I also like the curtains. The little red ribbons are very cute and they go really good with the rest of the colors.

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Lou is very lucky to have a mom that has such talent. But this is not everything it takes. You can also com up with a lovely design for your kid’s room. Just use your imagination and don’t forget to also involve the children in the decision-making process. It’s a family fun project and everyone can contribute.