6 Laundry Room Reveals To Inspire Your Next Makeover

Room transformations are always fun and interesting to look at. We find inspiration in projects like these for our own home makeovers. We get to see how other people envisioned that particular room and the solutions they found to particular problems that we also have. Laundry room makeovers, for example, offer lots of interesting design suggestions and ideas.

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It’s amazing what a few small changes can do to a room. Take this dark and gloomy laundry room for example. It looks pretty awful, although it did have the washer and dryer it needed. After the makeover, the room became a chic Scandinavian-style space, with white painted walls and a more airy and fresh look. The new shelving unit is perfect for storing detergents and other things and the wall decorations are pretty interesting as well.{found on charlesandhudson}.

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Laundry rooms are not usually very large so redecorating and even reorganizing them shouldn’t be a complicated thing to do. If you plan a complete makeover, first empty the room. Then start with the walls and give them a few fresh coats of paint. If you want, you can even put wallpaper on one of them. Then start planning your storage options. Maybe you could hang some shelves on the walls. At the end, bring the appliances in. {found on viewalongtheway}.

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Let’s say all you have now is an empty space which you want to turn into a laundry room. If the room already has a tiled floor then it’s perfect because all you have to do is paint the walls. The room doesn’t need a lot of furniture. A wall-mounted cabinet and a couple of shelves should be enough. You can cover the washer and drier with a counter top or have them integrated into a custom unit. You can check out paperdaisydesign for more details about this particular design.

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Bydawnnicole offers a really interesting and fun idea for a laundry room. As you can see, the walls are decorated with four vintage wash boards which fit in beautifully given the function of the room. But there’s also another interesting detail here. The wall-mounted cabinet has chalkboard-painted doors. This allows them to be customized in a lot of fun ways without interfering with their storage ability.

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A good way to keep the laundry room organized is with the help of a pegboard. You can have a large one mounted to one of the walls. It would serve as a decoration and, at the same time, it would offer a flexible storage system for cleaning accessories and other things. You can have storage containers attached to the board and you can reorganize them as you wish whenever you wish. This idea comes from thediymommy.

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Another inspiring laundry room makeover is described on diybeautify. This was a complete makeover which included a lot of changes. New tiles were installed on the floor, a new cabinet was added, the door was reconditioned, the walls were painted and a bunch of existing accessories and decorations were refreshed as well. The new laundry room has a modern, clean and elegant look.