Easy, Breezy Ways To Pay Homage To Spring

Who doesn’t love spring? The sunshine, the colors and the wonderful warm sunshine coming through every window of the house. With everything so beautiful outside, you have to make sure the inside is just as warm and spruced up! But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a quick list of simple, subtle ways to pay homage to this wondrous season.

1. A Spring-Inspired Wreath.

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It’s easy, quick and you can even DIY one yourself.  Wreaths are the perfect way to pay homage to the season or holidays and welcome your guests with something other than a dull, dark door. Use some beautiful, vibrant colors and attach some pretty florals to make it the quintessential spring hello!

2. Colorful Throw Pillows.

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Another each way to add quick spring color to the house, throw some pillows into every room. On the guest bed, the living room sofa and even the slipper chair in the study can all be adorned with some colorful throw pillows. Just find some that you love! Mix patterns, designs and lots of different colors and textures. Florals are great, but pay attention to stripes, polka-dots and the newest trendy design, chevron!

3. A Welcoming Mat.

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Yes, some of us haven’t jumped on the welcome mat bandwagon. Well, it’s time to hop on. You can get these pretty much anywhere, but it’s the right springlike design that’ll help create a sunshiney, welcoming atmosphere. They’re functional too. When all those spring shower start to hit you’ll be happy you have this mat to wipe your rain boots off on.

4. Fresh, Growing Plants.

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Whether it’s flowers, herbs or a wonderful, green house plants – you need something alive in the house. The dining room table should be full of tulips. The foyer can be filled with a luscious green plants. And the windowsill can be stocked with growing basil and thyme. Not only will this bring color into the corner, but it’ll breathe life into it too.

5. Sweet, Fresh Fruit.

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A bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter is not only inviting but inspiring. The kids can grab an apple or orange on the way to the bus stop. But, some lemons and limes can also add some unsuspecting color to the kitchen, dining room table to the breakfast nook. it’s also an way to create a gathering spot in the kitchen, which is the perfect place for gossiping, catching up and just enjoying time with each other.