Double Garage Design Ideas

With the onset of mass car ownership in the last century, so dwellings’ carriage houses tended to be converted to garages, providing autos protection from the elements. Reliable vehicular transport relied, to some extent, on the cover afforded by a domestic garage. However, as car design has improved so the need to park a vehicle inside has lessened.

Garrage door

Nevertheless, more and more new homes are built with double garages or even ones large enough to comfortably house three vehicles. Whether you use your garage to store your car or motorcycle or not, having one that fits in with your home’s exterior is likely to be a design consideration for most homeowners. Even if you use your garage just as a store room, as many people do, don’t overlook the aesthetic appearance of your garage when it comes to the exterior design of your property.

Fit The Look Of The House.

Traditiona garrage

Montain garrage doors

Garages that fit the look of the rest of the home feel like they belong. All too often you will notice a garage that appears to not belong to the residence. This is especially worthy of careful consideration when the garage faces on to the entrance way. In such cases, it is the first thing you will see from the road and the part of the property that creates the initial impression. Select a construction material that suits the rest of the home, or use a cladding that connects both the house and the garage. A wall material that connects, visually, to the driveway is also a good idea. If you are designing a new home from scratch, consider and integral double garage that is part of the main building itself.

Carriage House Style.

Victorian house

Country farm outdoor

For older properties, a carriage house style that reflects a bygone era is a great look for a double garage design. Carriage house architecture is a design classic. However, modern suppliers are able to achieve the right look for an old fashioned carriage house with modern, long lasting and eco-friendly materials for the garage doors. A pergola or trellis growing up the side of a double carriage house garage completes the look. If your home is old enough to have a genuine carriage house, then convert it to a garage whilst retaining the classic look.

The Outbuilding Double Garage.

Double garage

White double garage doors

Detached double garages are large enough to provide a good workshop space. But if your garage has a pitched roof, then make use of the upstairs area, too. By converting your garage’s first floor to an office space or even a self-contained annex, you will add value to the property as a whole. Ideally, install some dormer windows or skylights so that the first floor has plenty of natural light.

Wooden Doors.

Wooden garage doors

Wooden garage doors we love

Wooden garage doors are not out of date and will look great for a double sized car repository, so long as they are sympathetic to the rest of the home’s design. Modern homes, that have some element of wooden cladding, will suit the same look being replicated in your choice of garage doors. And remember that wooden doors are not necessarily heavy ones that always have to be hinged in order to make them open. Modern wooden garage doors can also suit a bi-folding or up-and-over garage entry systems.

Contemporary Doors.

Contemporary garage doors

Modern garage doors

Contemporary garage door designs take into account that garages are not used to house cars very much nowadays. Modern materials are light, but still offer security. Aluminium and frosted glass arrangements provide strength, privacy and allow natural light to flow in, perfect if you use your garage to work in. Hybrid doors, that have a wooden slats housed in brushed stainless steel strips, make for the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional designs that will suit most homes.

Internal Space.

Internal garage door1

Internal garage door

If your double garage is to be a useful space, then don’t neglect the interior design. Installing a mezzanine floor will afford you an additional workspace, whilst still allowing you to house your cars, should you wish. Remember that double garages don’t necessarily need to have their doors side by side. A drive through arrangement, with doors on opposing sides, may be more suited to many a home’s exterior layout.

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