Domespaces: innovative energy efficient homes

Are you tires of the same old houses you see everywhere and you don’t want to live in an apartment either? If you really want to experience something different, you should try the Domspace. There clever houses, if they can be called like that, offer more benefits than you might think of.

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For example, a great advantage is that the dome is a very energy-efficient house. It features solar panels that provide usable energy during the day and you really don’t need any other energy-source until the sun disappears from the sky. In order to make them as efficient as possible, some domes feature a rotating system.

Eclosion 7,63 (doesn’t rotate)

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This means that the entire house is rotating, smooth and gradual as to be imperceptible from both inside and outside. The dome owner can direct the house to point in a particular direction by use of a remote control. The primary purpose of this rotating system is to make optimal use of the solar panels.

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Among other benefits that the dome offers, we could mention the safety. Because of its aerodynamic shape and solid construction, the dome can withstand winds up to 175 mph (281 km/h) without sustaining significant damage, as well as an earthquake up to an 8 on the Richter Scale, which is quite impressive. Another advantage is that the dome is easy to build and the process is very quick. Since its design incorporated many prefabricated elements, the complete exterior of an average size Domespace can be built in a mere three months.

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The domes are available in many sizes, the larger one featuring two living levels. Also, it’s available in a non-rotating version called The Transit.{found on spotcoolstuff}