Deep Soaking Tubs by Vaselli

The latest tub design comes from Vaselli. The Deep Soaking Tubs by Vaselli which  is made of Carrera marble and showcases its naturally beautiful veins and colors with flair. The depth of the design envelops you in water’s warm embrace, while a built-in seat offers comfort to this contemporary bathroom essential.

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It was about time someone would think to design a tub like this. It’s so annoying when you realize that your bathtub has a low design and you find yourself only half covered with water. The best tubs are the ones that allow you to feel the waters covering all your body. This is exactly what this tub was designed to do. It’s a deep tub with a very simple design. It has a rough look because of the materials used to craft it. But this is exactly the type of look that is perfect for contemporary homes.


So if you’re currently designing your own house or if you’re just redecorating, take your time before choosing the pieces for the bathroom. /it’s a room that has to make you feel comfortable all the time. And the bathtub is a very important element in this process. This deep tub will definitely satisfy your needs. It’s such a nice feeling to take a relaxing bath and to feel the water embracing your body.