What are the Different Types of Toilets? How To Choose Them

Buying a new toilet may not be the most glamorous of endeavors, but there are still ways that you can make sure that you find the perfect model for you. After all, toilets are a long-lasting investment and should not be taken lightly. In this article, we will go over the main differences between toilet models — believe it or not, there are many!

The Most Common Toilet by Appearance

Although a toilet is arguably a functional item more than anything, there is no denying that it still has an effect on the overall design of your room. Here are some of the most common types of toilet designs that you will have the option to choose from when performing a bathroom renovation.

1. Wall Hanging Toilet

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A wall hanging toilet may look like the peak of luxury, but this toilet type is actually rather affordable. A wall hanging toilet is given its name due to the fact that it lacks any sort of backing, giving the impression that it is simply “floating” on the wall behind it. A wall hanging toilet is a must for anyone who wants to incorporate a little bit of contemporary design into their house.

In order for a wall hanging toilet to achieve its “incognito” look, the tank itself is hidden behind the wall and the plate that you use to flush the toilet is mounted to the wall. This design not only looks great, but it also saves a considerable amount of space, which makes it a tempting option for anyone with a small bathroom space. It is a popular choice for hotels.

2. One Piece Toilet

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A one-piece toilet is characterized by a unibody piece of ceramic that encompasses every part of the toilet, including the bowl and the tank. The one piece toilet is a popular choice for home renovations as it is very easy to install and even easier to clean.

3. Two-Piece Toilet

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Unlike a one-piece toilet, where the entire toilet is made of the same piece of ceramic, a two piece toilet comes in two separate pieces. When you purchase a two piece toilet, you will actually purchase the toilet bowl and the toilet tank separately, which means that you even have the option to mix and match pieces if you want. This also means that if one section of the toilet breaks, you will not need to shell out the money for a full replacement.

Two-piece toilets may just be the most common toilet type across American households. The reason for this is because they are incredibly economical, and very easy to install. They are also arguably the longest-lasting toilet type.

The Most Common Toilets by Flush Type

Aside from general aesthetics, toilets can also differ due to their flush type. While these differences may be less visible to the average eye, they still determine the ways in which a toilet functions.

  • Single Flush

A single flush toilet is the most popular toilet type on the market. In fact, it is likely the type of toilet that you have installed in your home. The advantage of the single flush toilet is that they are very economic to install and equally as economic to fix. Unfortunately, as they use the same amount of water in every flash, they are not the most environmentally-friendly option.

  • Double flush

A double flush toilet has two settings — one for solid waste, and one for liquid waste. The reasoning behind this is to cut back on water consumption, as not every trip to the toilet requires the same amount of vibrato to send it down the pipes.

The disadvantages of the double flush toilet is twofold: they’re generally more expensive to install, and they can also be more expensive to fix when something goes awry.

  • Automatic Flush

If you have ever used a toilet in an airport or shopping mall, then chances are that you have come across an automatic flushing toilet. Automatic flushing toilets are designed to require no manual flushing by way of the user, and are instead motion activated. Some toilets of this type will require that a person wave their hand in front of the motion sensor to signify that a toilet is ready to be flushed, while some are able to complete a flush without a motion cue.

Automatic flushing toilets are known for being more hygienic, for obvious reasons. While they are generally used in commercial spaces, they are also an option for homeowners who are looking to install a toilet that is not only less likely to spread bacteria, but also more likely to impress guests.

The Different Types of Toilet Seats

A toilet is more than its tank and its bowl — its appearance can also be determined by its seat. It may surprise you to find out that not every toilet comes complete with a seat. Often, when you buy a new model of toilet, you will be tasked with choosing a seat yourself. Here are the most common types of toilet seats that you will be able to choose from:


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A plastic toilet covering is one of the most common types of toilet bowl covers, as it is not only economical but is also easy to clean. Although plastic may not be the most durable material out there, they are easy to replace and won’t break the bank.

Cushioned Vinyl

Though cushioned vinyl has fallen out of popularity in recent years, it was once the standard type of toilet bowl covering. A cushion vinyl toilet seat covering sometimes comes with some kind of design, often in the form of embroidery, on its seat, which also makes it a great outlet for those who are looking to incorporate some self-expression into their bathroom design.


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Oftentimes a toilet seat will match the body of the toilet itself and come in a ceramic material. Although these do offer a great sense of uniformity, they are prone to cracks and breakage. They are also heavy to install.

The Different Types of Toilet Bowl Shapes

Although we have already gone over a number of the differences that toilets can have, there is one category that we have not yet explored — that of the toilet bowl. The following is a list of the most common types of toilet bowl shapes that are on the market.

Round Bowl

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A round toilet bowl is the most common type of bowl on the market. They may not be a perfect circle, but they are relatively round in shape when compared to other types of toilet bowls. They are compact and ideal for small spaces.

Special Shape Bowl

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A special shaped toilet bowl gets its name from its unusual concaves, which is not quite circular but not quite ovular. They are larger in length than the average toilet size which means that they can accommodate a larger toilet seat for maximum comfort.

Elongated Bowl

An elongated toilet bowl is oval-shaped, and longer than a standard round bowl. It provides a larger area for a toilet seat to rest on, but is not ideal for small bathroom spaces.

Additional Toilet Add-Ons

If a standard toilet isn’t cutting it for you, then you may want to consider the purchasing of additional toilet features. In fact, there are add-ons on the market to suit just about every budget. Here are some of the most luxurious ones out there:


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While bidets have been popular in Europe for years, it is only recently that they have started to be popular in North America. Bidets are a great way to not only save toilet paper but to also improve your general overall hygiene.

Heated Seats

Heated seats are the toilet amenity that you didn’t realize you needed until you have them. Waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and being greeted to a warm toilet seat is one of life’s true joys.

Eco-Friendly Features

If you are passionate about the environment, it may be worthwhile to look into adding an eco-friendly feature to your toilet. This is a great way to do your part for the world by cutting back on your water consumption.

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Music Player

Do you ever find yourself craving a bit of entertainment while you’re on the toilet? You’re not alone. While many of us bring our phones into the bathroom, this is actually not the most hygienic of actions as it makes it possible for bacteria to spread via your handheld device. It is possible to fix your toilet with a music player, so that you can add some soothing sounds to your bathroom routine.


Let-s face it — the bathroom is not the most pleasant smelling room in the house. In order to combat this, luxury toilets come with their own deodorizers that can help neutralize the scent in your bathroom. Not only does this help cut back on your cleaning schedule, it also leaves a good impression for guests who use your restroom.