Modern Variations Of A Classic – The Wingback Chair

First introduced in England in the 1600s, the wingback chair was meant as a fireplace accent piece. Its design for perfect for this, featuring a high back, winged wides and wooden legs and protecting the user from both the cold drafts and the heat of the fire. Although the design and function changed over time, the main characteristics remain the same. Modern wingback chairs can be used in a variety of different ways around the home and they’re not only dedicated to libraries and formal living rooms.


The high back and side panel of these designs by Gorgon Guillaumier makes these wingback chair versions a nice type of privacy furniture and ideal for large shared spaces such as in bars and restaurants but also for residential spaces, being really great for corner areas. The Chill-Out High collection add a modern twist to a classic concept.


The Beatnik Sound Station Chair resembles a sculptural pod waiting for you to crawl up inside and enjoy some alone time listening to your favorite tunes. The chair features a built-in sound system with a subwoofer under the seat which lets you connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth or AirPlay.


Some designs stay faithful to the classic. Beau Fixe, for instance is an elegant wingback chair or, more accurately, a two-seater sofa. It has a high back, winged sides and wooden legs just like the original designs but it also features the simplicity specific to modern interiors.


Looks and comfort blend perfectly in the case of the MCD sofa/ settee. It has a sculptural and simple form, with a high back and sides that create an increased sense of privacy and cozyness and a soft and comfortable seat and backrest. It’s classic with a contemporary twist.


A lot of different configurations are possible with a wingback chair. It could be used for its original intended purpose, as a fireplace companion or you could use as an entryway accent piece or as a comfortable seat for the reading nook. Other options include using it as a dining chair, desk chair or as a bedroom accent piece.


The innovative detail in the case of the Basket wingback chairs is the fact that the backrest has two possible heights. This means that the design can be adapted to the user’s particular needs. The upper portion of the backrest is detachable and this allows the design to be modular.


The classical Wingback Chair has been updated for the 21st century and is featured here in the form of an elegant and sophisticated accent piece with blue upholstery and copper tapered legs. The collection includes models in a variety of other colors as well as versions of dining chairs and Wingback sofas.


In some cases, the transformation of the classic design is more dramatic. For example, the Prooff chair is designed to be multifunctional. Its design is sculptural and imposing, offering the user privacy and also featuring a built-in side table which allows it to be used as a casual desk area.


Chairs like the Inside Medium are designed to be versatile. It’s easy to envision this beautiful piece of furniture in a variety of configurations such as in a casual living room decor, an elegant home office, a cozy reading corner or even in a chic dining room or in the corner of a modern bedroom. The same thing goes for the other designs in the same collection.


Suggestively named Hideout, this lounge chair is the ideal individual seat for those that value their privacy and comfort. The design renews the classic with a few modern adjustments. Only the central part of the backrest is upholstered while the sides are covered in woven cane and embrace the seat in a comfortable way.


Originally intended to be placed by the fireplace, wingback chairs have evolved to become a perfect reading nook companion. Designs such as this one have generous and comfortable seats and armrests and winged sides that diffuse the light, creating a wonderful environment perfect for enjoying a favorite book.


Whether you use a wingback chair as an individual seat for the living room or as an accent piece for your bedroom corner, a side table is always a welcomed companion. This chair has a built-in one into its frame.


It has become more and more common to use wingback chairs as lounge seats. Their high backs are really comfortable and they can be paired with comfortable footstools for a wonderfully relaxing experience.


Modularity is an important of some modern and contemporary designs. Key design features such as the high back or the winged sides have been modified in order to offer more flexibility and versatility.


Both the wingback chair and sofa in this series have a clearly modern look, featuring clean and simple lines and a sophisticated allure that also adds a little bit of drama to their design.


In addition to being wonderful accent pieces in private home spaces, wingback chairs are also making their way into open and public spaces such as malls, restaurants and bars where their design features are perfect, ensuring the level of privacy appreciated by the users.