Green Bathroom Designs for a Retro Look or Modern Luxury

Green isn’t the most common color in bathroom design, but green bathrooms are worth your consideration.

green bathroom

This color is popping up all over in interior design from kitchens to bedrooms and bathrooms. Green bathrooms range the gamut from classic traditional to modern glam and everything in between.

This is a complex color with so many shades; the look of green bathrooms is distinct based on the color variations of green and by the depth of each color. In addition, this color can be the foundation of the bathroom design or just provide the accent tones.

Green Floor Tiles

Either way, green is a beautiful addition to any bathroom. By the end of this article, we think that you will agree!

Best Green Paint Colors

Trying an interesting paint color on the walls of your bathroom is one of the best ways to add this dramatic color to your interior spaces. Here are some of our favorite greens for you to consider.

  • Webster Green (HC-130) from Benjamin Moore – This is a dark green with just a hint of blue. Also, there is a touch of gray to tone down the color and give it a softer look.
  • Clary Sage (SW – 6178) from Sherwin Williams – This is a lovely light shade of sage green with undertones of yellow and gray. This is a fresh and clean paint color that looks beautiful with white trim.
  • Green Smoke (No. 47) from Farrow and Ball – This is a medium olive toned green paint color that looks wonderful on cabinetry and trim.
  • Essex Green (HC – 188) from Benjamin Moore – Essex Green is a dark almost black green. In addition, this dark color allows wall art to stand out well against the wall.
  • Sea Salt (SW 6204) from Sherwin Williams – This is a light shade of green that can look like a soft blue in certain lights.

Green Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration

Green is the perfect way to inject a bit of drama into our everyday lives, and the bathroom is a wonderful place to experiment with a new color idea.

We have gathered some of our favorite green bathrooms for you to peruse and gain some inspiration for your own bathrooms.

Green Bathroom Tile

Green Floor Tiles

This bathroom has a contemporary style that at first glance is striking in its simplicity.

However, if you look closer, the marble walls and bath surround have a beautiful visual texture, and the deep green tile shower area is set off by the same color ceiling.

This stark difference creates an interesting visual contrast that sets the two sides of the bathroom apart. Jigsaw Interior Architecture designed this space.

Emerald Green Bathroom

Green Floor Tiles

If you are looking for a lush and dramatic style, try emerald green tiles. E and A Interiors used glossy scalloped tiles with a light grout to heighten the intricacy of the design.

They added further glam with the gold accents like the basin sink and gilded mirror. The marble countertops complement the herringbone marble tile floor.

The textural but light-colored marble does not compete with the emerald walls but supports the elegant style.

Green Bathroom Paint

Green Floor Tiles

Green paint, rather than tiles, is another way to add this lovely color to your bathroom design. This bathroom uses a green shade of Kelly green which is a dark shade of green that you find right between blue and yellow on the color wheel.

It is intense, but it doesn’t have the moody depth of forest green. Add life to the bathroom with potted plants and bring in rattan accents for extra texture and visual contrast.

This cool bathroom design is from Laura At Number Twelve.

Dark Olive Green Bathroom Tiles

Green Floor Tiles

For another modern hue, try a dark olive green tile. Notice the vertical angle of the tile. This orientation draws attention to the height of the bathroom and gives it a more modern look.

Also, this accent wall does double duty displaying both form and function with the insert of the tiny cabinet in the tile.

The wall provides the perfect contrast to the simple style of the walk-in shower. Cobalto Studio designed this bathroom.

Mint Green Bathroom

Green Floor Tiles

You don’t just have to use green to create a look of drama; you can use it to create a bathroom design that is calm and fresh using a light green color.

Mint green is one of the shades of green that has this effect. Try it on textured walls and with aqua accents like this beautiful bathroom.

For good measure, accent with marble countertops and brass fixtures to create a luxurious style. Chan and Eayrs designed this serene space.

White and Green Color Combo

Green Floor Tiles

If you are looking for a green bathroom design with a modern twist, try painting your walls with a split wall effect. This designer chose to paint the white walls with a bottom layer of dark green. This is a simple way to create an interesting effect.

The designer, Chelsea Hing, kept the other bathroom features simple like the thick wooden countertop and the wood surround mirror.

All of these together give the bathroom a look of rustic but also sophisticated simplicity.

Green Bathroom Decor

Green Floor Tiles

This bathroom does not shy away from the dark and moody atmosphere. Rather, it goes full steam ahead with the dark greens on the walls and trim and pairs it with the metallic gold chinoiserie wallpaper.

In addition, notice how the lighting in this bathroom combines ambient recessed lighting with the brass wall sconces.

This way, no corner of the room is left dark. This stunning bathroom is from Anna von Waldburg.

Green Bathroom Vanity

Green Floor Tiles

One of the most popular ways to use green in the bathroom is to paint the vanity.

Painting the bathroom dark green will create an effect that is dark overall, but painting the vanity dark green and keeping the walls white gives the room dramatic character but keeps it bright in appearance.

Craven Haven renovated this beautiful bathroom.

Green Subway Tile

Green Subway Tile

Green tile even works with historic-style bathrooms. For example, consider this bathroom from FG Interiors. They used a variegated jewel green subway tile. The subway tile gives the room a traditional style, but the color green keeps the look current and exciting.

The classic historic style is further emphasized by the footed marble vanity and brass hardware.

Traditional Green Bathroom

Traditional Green Bathroom

Hunter green is a bold color, but it looks right at home in this bathroom. The green walls are balanced by the gold highlights and the warm wood textures. You would not expect it, but the contrasting red rug works well with the design to warm up the tile floors and provide a pop of contrast to the green walls.

Green Paneled Wall

Green Paneled Wall
Lone Fox

Adding paneling to a bathroom wall is a wonderful way to add texture and interest to a bathroom; paint the paneling green, and you create a look that is current and looks more expensive than it is.

This dark green looks amazing with the wood textures and sets off the warm colors to perfection.

Dark Green Bathroom

Dark Green Bathroom
Old Brand New

There are so many shades of green that look beautiful in the bathroom. In addition, green is an amazing complement to many styles from traditional bathrooms to modern bathrooms.

When paired with colors like pink and gold accents, green walls look refreshing and on-trend.

Sage Green Bathroom

Sage Green Bathroom
Style Curator

If you are not interested in a dark green, you can try a light color green like sage or sea green. Consider the variegated scalloped tiles that the designer used as the backsplash in this design.

This tile varies from dark sage to almost white which creates wonderful visual texture.

Olive Green Bathroom

Olive Green Bathroom
KWD News

Placing many shades of green together is an effective design style. Consider this bathroom with the olive green walls, the natural green flowers, and wall art. Rather than lighten the bathroom with brass accents, this designer chose to use dark fixtures to keep the style understated.

Green Floor Tiles

Green Floor Tiles
The August Diaries

There are so many ways to incorporate green into the bathroom including the floor. These dark green herringbone floor tiles are a bold statement and provide a pop of color in this otherwise neutral bathroom. Pair green with white and black to balance the dramatic color with a simple design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is green tile trendy?

Green tiles first became popular in bathrooms in the 1940s. They faded in popularity, but green tiles are becoming more popular in the current era. There are dark and light tile shades of green that look amazing in bathrooms. While green tiles are a current trend, they have a classic look that will look amazing for years to come.

What color tile is best for the bathroom?

White and black color palettes always create a classic look. Blue and green tiles have a more dramatic style that works well in modern bathrooms. However, if you want to try something more neutral that isn’t white, try a beige or ecru color tile.

What goes with light green tiles?

Light green tiles look fresh and serene. Pair them with white to heighten the bright style. If you want to tone down the look of the tiles, paint the walls a light to medium toned gray. Likewise, for a bolder look paint the walls with a fresh coat of blue.

What colors go with green?

If you want a more subtle look, neutrals work well to tone down green. For a more interesting color palette, you can pair green with blue, pink, yellow, and russet orange.


Green is a wonderful color with so many interesting and variable shades. It can create a look of drama or one that is more subtle. Use green tile, green marble, or paint the walls a unique shade of green. After all, if you want to try something different, the bathroom is the perfect place to do it.