How To Make The Most Of A Small Corner Desk

Corners are often dead spaces, no matter how big or small a room is. But with a little bit of creativity and an eye for beautiful design you can change that. One of the great transformations you can make is turning a dead corner into a practical workspace by incorporating a corner desk.

Take advantage of the natural light.

Turn small cornes into focal point

A proper workspace needs abundant natural light so, if possible, place your little corner desk close to a window. You can incorporate the window into the desk’s design and maybe turn the sill into a shelf on which to display a few personal items. A corner with two adjacent windows is even better but

Be clever with corner shelves.

Turn small cornes into focal point

Corner shelves are extremely practical and useful. Use them for your corner workspace to add symmetry to the design. For example, a simple corner desk can have matching open shelves and that tiny space can become a very cohesive work area.

Round around the edges.

Turn small cornes into focal point

To make a corner desk feel more comfortable and look more appealing you can design it with round edges. This creates a smooth and cozy look. You can also play with other shapes and forms to create interesting designs.

Built into the wall unit.

Turn small cornes into focal point

Instead of thinking of a desk as a freestanding piece of furniture, try to incorporate into a more complex structure like the living room wall unit. Design the unit to cover two adjacent walls and leave a space in the corner for a small desk. It can have drawers and shelves on either side and the whole composition will look very organic.

Turn tricky shapes into focal points.

Turn small cornes into focal point

Not all corners are the same. If you have to work with 45 degree angles like in this case, it’s a lot more complicated because you have to customize the design to fit the exact space. Instead of trying to camouflage the tricky shapes make them the focal point of your design.