50 Deck Designs And Ideas That Respond To Their Unique Surroundings

Right about now you might be thinking it would be a good time to give the old deck a makeover so you can spend more time outside as the weather gets nice and warm.

Deck ideas

It’s important for a deck or any outdoor area, in general, to be welcoming and comfortable but also to look beautiful. There are of course lots of different ways in which this balance can be achieved and we’re ready to share a few ideas with you right now. 

50 Outstanding Patio Deck Ideas To Bring A Relaxing Feeling

White gives spaces an airy look

Deck ideas

This open deck looks super nice and inviting. It’s very simple and airy thanks to all the crisp white walls and the light wooden tones. The trees that were originally present on the site were beautifully preserved and are now going straight through the deck allowing nature and architecture to coexist in harmony. This is part of a beautiful beach house design by CM Studio

Hanging chairs have a casual and sophisticated vibe

deck designView in gallery

Using natural materials and earthy colors is always a great way to make an outdoor space look organic and to fit well into its surroundings. This stylish wooden deck designed by CLO Studios steps plays with different height levels in order to differentiate the different areas and their functions. 

Not all swimming pools are rectangular

Not all swimming pools are rectangularView in gallery

There’s plenty of pool deck ideas that offer lots of inspiration but this one stands out thanks to its irregular shape and the way in which it interacts with the actual swimming pool. It’s a rather unique design by studio Superform created for a residence from Slovenia. 

A simple deck can make transitions smoother

A simple deck can make transitions smootherView in gallery

Sometimes the simplest deck designs are the ones that make most sense, like this super simple wooden deck with clean lines and edges that ensure a nice transition onto the green lawn. It fits beautifully alongside the swimming pool and it can be used in a variety of different ways. This is part of a project designed by Elphick Proome Architects.

Greenery adds character

Greenery adds characterView in gallery

Small decks can be super lovely, like this one designed by studio Sticks and Stones. It’s a small raised deck with beautiful wooden boards reminiscent of reclaimed wood and with a minimalist white planters framing it on either side. The lush greenery adds a really nice contrast. 

Lots of inspiration can be found in nature

Lots of inspiration can be found in natureView in gallery

Not every type or style of decks suits all homes. You should first of all look for inspiration outside, in the landscape that surrounds the deck and the colors and textures that naturally occur in this area. A beautiful example of how this can be done successfully is this raised deck designed by studio King’s Landscaping that’s adapted for an arid climate. 

Patterns make a big difference in design

Patterns make a big difference in designView in gallery

Another good strategy is to allow nature to seep into the outdoor areas and to become a natural and organic part of them, like the way in which this wooden deck has cut-out sections for lovely trees and grass to grow. You can also see the pathway going along the side of the house which also has vegetation growing through the deck tiles. This is a design by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects.

A balcony with a nice view is a real treasure

A balcony with a nice view is a real treasureView in gallery

It’s not just the big houses and countryside retreats that can enjoy beautiful open decks and lovely views. The concept can also be adapted to suit urban homes, like this stylish penthouse apartment from London designed by studio FORM design architecture. It has its own way of engaging the outdoors. 

Gray and green go really well together

Gray and green go really well togetherView in gallery

The grey and subdued color palette featured by this house from Italy are really nicely complemented by the mossy green lawn and all the different variations of green mixed together in this small but really charming backyard. The wooden deck is flush with the grass and actually feels like a natural extension of the indoor living area. This is a design by architecture studio Jaeger Kahlen Partner

Follow the landscape for an organic feel

Follow the landscape for an organic feelView in gallery

Decks are usually nice and flat which is what makes this one rather interesting. This was designed by studio Assadi + Pulido as part of a modern house located in Santiago, Chile. The slanted deck is a seamless continuation of the platform that wraps around the entire house. It gently descents following the slope and has a pool integrated at the bottom. 

A big deck helps to ground the house

A big deck helps to ground the houseView in gallery

This is actually called The Deck House. It’s a residence located in the Janda Baik Forest, in Malaysia and the outdoor areas are a really big part of it. The decks add up to a total of 370 square meters which allow the indoor areas to be extended and ensure a really nice and harmonious connection with the lush landscape that surrounds the house. The house was designed by studio Choo Gim Wah Architect

Exposed bricks look very cozy

Exposed bricks look very cozyView in gallery

A lot of things can make a deck feel more inviting and comfortable, like a bbq station, some comfortable furniture, potted plants and greenery or even a nice choice of materials. Here studio Franklin Landscape & Design used lots of climbing ivy, natural stone and well-placed accent lighting to create a very immersive atmosphere. 

A fire pit needs comfy seating around it

A fire pit needs comfy seating around itView in gallery

Another idea is to have a fire pit on the deck and to add a custom bench or some comfortable chairs around it so you can spend some cozy moments out here with family and friends. Some greenery here and there can make this area look super lovely. You can find plenty of inspiration in the designs created by studio Lisa Ellis Gardens.

Railings don’t need to block the view

Railings don't need to block the viewView in gallery

Add railings to the deck to create a visual delimitation between this area and the rest of the outdoor spaces as well as for safety reasons. If you don’t want to block the nice view, transparent glass railings are the perfect compromise. They fit quite nicely on this raised wooden deck designed by studio COS Design.

Light colors make spaces feel breezy and relaxing

Light colors make spaces feel breezy and relaxingView in gallery

What a nice look for a beach house. There’s actually not a lot going on here but the deck looks super inviting nonetheless. The light colors, the warm wooden texture mixed with the white and the vibrant green accents in the background make this space feel super breezy and relaxing. It’s a design by studio Uneek Interior Solutions

Simplicity helps beautiful views stand out

Simplicity helps beautiful views stand outView in gallery

This large deck has such a beautiful view. It’s the perfect spot to admire the sunset from and to enjoy a lazy afternoon with family and friends. The modular furniture set can be arranged in all sorts of different configuration for big and small groups and for all sorts of activities. This is part of a modern residence in Lebanon designed by BLANKPAGE Architects

Mirrors and reflective panels amplify nice views even more

Mirrors and reflective panels amplify nice views even moreView in gallery

With the mountains and the beautiful blue sky in the background this deck is absolutely magnificent even though it’s actually really simple in terms of design and materials used. The reflective glass panels amplify the effect even more by creating a very immersive decor all around the deck. This is part of a remote retreat in Georgia designed by studio Adjara arch group

Wood is one of the most versatile materials for indoor and outdoor designs

Wood is one of the most versatile materials for indoor and outdoor designsView in gallery

Regardless of which deck design or style you choose or how big you want it to be, in order to be worth the effort you need to choose the right materials. One option would be to consider Lunawood which is an eco-friendly product created from natural, sustainable wood and which offers various advantage such as weather endurance and thermal insulation. It’s suitable for all climates and can also be used for facades. 

Treat a deck like an outdoor living room

Treat a deck like an outdoor living roomView in gallery

In a lot of ways a deck is the outdoor version of a living room. It can as such be furnished and decorated in a similar but using outdoor-friendly materials and finishes. This lovely backyard deck designed by Ascher Smith for instance has a cozy sitting area, a dining table with casual and comfy chairs around it and a few accent details like a coffee table and some potted plants. 

Lounge chairs make the viewing experience more enjoyable

Lounge chairs make the viewing experience more enjoyableView in gallery

The Scarlet Hotel from the UK has a lot of cool features including this beautiful open deck with glass railings, comfortable chairs, lounge chairs and accent tables scatted all around where guests can gather in big and small groups to enjoy the view and to relax in the sunset. The whole design was done by studio Harrison Sutton Partnership.

Weathered and rugged textures have a lot of character

Weathered and rugged textures have a lot of characterView in gallery

Rustic design can be really charming and a great fit for outdoor spaces like open decks and patios. You can see this style applied here in a very simple and shabby-chic form. The weathered finishes and rugged textures really suit this place. You can check out this Australian villa on airbnb if you’d like to stay here a couple of days yourself. 

Make sure to leave some negative space around the furniture

Make sure to leave some negative space around the furnitureView in gallery

There’s a whole bunch of features that can help turn a backyard into a gorgeous and dreamy space. Here for instance there’s a long wooden deck bordered by a swimming pool that then links to a green lawn area. They’re all parallel to one another and interconnected by all the greenery. This is part of a beach house design by studio AZBCreative.

Glass railings make a small deck seem larger

Glass railings make a small deck seem largerView in gallery

It’s nice to have a place where you can bask in the sun, unwind and relax on a comfy lounge chair or under an umbrella at the end of a busy day or on a weekend and that doesn’t really lots of space. Check out this small but also amazing open deck design by CAD Architects. The view is great and that’s all that matters. 

Adding layers to a small deck also makes it bigger

Adding layers to a small deck also makes it biggerView in gallery

Speaking of small deck designs, Japan is known for its tiny homes so it’s not uncommon to spatial limitation as a challenge which can be overcome in creative and interesting ways. This house built by studio Keiji Ashizawa Design makes the most of its small backyard by having a big portion of it serve as a deck with a long bench at the back and an expandable table. 

A pergola can be used to frame an area

A pergola can be used to frame an areaView in gallery

Pergolas always make decks and other outdoor spaces look and feel more inviting and more well put together. This one frames the dining area super nicely and it even has a retractable shade for those moments when the sun is just too powerful. The design is from ShadeFX

Sometimes the design is dictated by the topography of the site

Sometimes the design is dictated by the topography of the siteView in gallery

This deck has a rather odd shape which was mainly dictated by the topography of the site. The sloping land presented a series of challenges and limitations and a custom design was chosen by studio Andrew Child Architect, one which responds to the needs of the inhabitants and respects the landscape at the same time. 

Small decks can be a strategic way to preserve the landscape

A small decks can be a strategic way to preserve the landscapeView in gallery

This may seem like a very simple and basic deck without nothing special about it but there’s actually something quite cool about it. Given the limited size of the plot and a strong desire to preserve as much of the landscape as possible, the deck was actually raised off the ground, allowing the garden to continue underneath. It was a project by studio VLOT architecten.

A deck allows the indoor living areas to be extended outside

A deck allows the indoor living areas to be extended outsideView in gallery

A deck is more than anything a way to extend the interior living areas outside and to bridge the gap between the actual house and the garden or the backyard. It makes the transition smoother and it serves a practical purpose at the same time. With that in mind, it’s often good to avoid overthinking a deck’s design. Something super simple like this works in most cases. This is a house designed by studio B2A.

This design allows the deck to fit in organically

This design allows the deck to fit in organicallyView in gallery

A deck’s design, even a simple one, can be integrated in a way which doesn’t make it look like a later addition to the house but an integral part of its overall structure from the very beginning. This house designed by studio PL.Architekci is a good representation of that. 

A raised deck often gives a better view

A raised deck often gives a better viewView in gallery

Sometimes the best way to make the most out of a difficult site or a beautiful view is to go up, to rise above the tree canopies and to see beyond the limits of the property. Roof decks are ideal for that, especially when paired with very small houses like this one which was designed by studio SUE ARCHITEKTEN.

Being close to a bunch of trees has its advantages

Being close to a bunch of trees has its advantagesView in gallery

Although this is not a rooftop deck, it rises up just enough to offer a more immersive feeling when looking over the beautiful wooded landscape and the wilderness that surrounds the house. The design by studio Paz Arquitectura is kept simple, allowing the focus to be on the scenery rather than the deck itself. 

Rooftop decks are often spectacular

Rooftop decks are often spectacularView in gallery

Of course it’s more than just the view that turns a rooftop deck or terrace into an actual space that makes one want to be there. This penthouse extension by NORM Architects is a really nice source of inspiration in that sense. The ambient lighting is super pleasant and sets a very inviting mood while also bringing out the beauty of the natural wood. 

A big open space offers lots of opportunities

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A big open deck like this one offer lots of possibilities. It has a beautiful shaded portion which is perfect for sitting and lounging but it also enjoys plenty of sunlight during the day. What’s nice about this particular design by studio Architéma Ltd is that there’s a separation between the deck and the house. They’re on different levels and they feel like separate areas which can sometimes be very refreshing. 

Interiors courtyard are intimate and inviting

Interiors courtyard are intimate and invitingView in gallery

Interior courtyards have a charm of their own. This farmhouse by Rachael Goddard Design Studio has a U-shaped plan specifically so this big deck could fit in the center. It’s a sheltered space with plenty of privacy and accessible from all the different areas of the house. 

A small backyard can be big enough for a pool and more

A small backyard can be big enough for a pool and moreView in gallery

This is not a big backyard but it has been maximized in a really nice way. That however meant prioritizing features like the open deck and the swimming pool over a lawn or a garden. The house as a whole makes up for that in its own stylish and modern ways. 

Infinity pools make the most of a beautiful view

Infinity pools make the most of a beautiful viewView in gallery

Isn’t this view magnificent? It was only natural for this house to embrace them and to be very open towards the exterior. The big full-height windows and the wooden deck which wraps around it make that connection feel very natural. The deck cantilevers over the side of the building, floating above the tree canopies and offering a panoramic view of the surroundings. This was a project by studio Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter.

Adding pathways helps to tell a story

Adding pathways helps to tell a storyView in gallery

Studio Terremoto worked on an amazing garden that looks out of this world. It has stone pathways and raised wooden bridges spreading in different directions and leading to these beautiful and cozy alcoves surrounded by lush greenery. One is a raised deck with a pergola roof, a fire pit at the center and comfortable lounge chairs spread around it. 

Greenhouses and sunrooms let you enjoy the outdoor from inside

Greenhouses and sunrooms let you enjoy the outdoor from insideView in gallery

This is actually not a deck but a greenhouse. It’s also very inviting and it has a lovely interior so we wanted to offer it a source of inspiration nonetheless. As you can see, it’s been painted green and that allows it to better blend in with the natural surroundings. It also creates a really fresh ambiance inside. Check out its story on skonahem

Hedge fences make really nice backdrops

Hedge fences make really nice backdropsView in gallery

The Green walls or hedge fences are a really great way of adding more greenery to the design of a small backyard such as this one. They create a nice green backdrop for the wooden deck, the furniture and all the decorations and they don’t take up lots of space yet the visual impact is very strong overall. 

A balcony can sometimes be integrated into the floor plan

A balcony can sometimes be integrated into the floor planView in gallery

The main disadvantage of living in the city is not being able to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home but if you plan accordingly that problem can be solved. It helps to live on the top floor of a building or to have access to a terrace or a balcony. You could even design the interior in such a way to maximize this area and to have a more seamless indoor-outdoor experience compared to typical apartments. 

Matching flooring makes transitions smoother

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Since we’re talking about the indoor-outdoor relationship, check out how seamless and natural the transition feels here. The flooring on the ground floor of this residence matches the outdoor deck so when the sliding glass walls are open these areas connect and feel like one big open space. This is a design by studio Pepe Gascón Arquitectura.

Greenery adds lots of depth to outdoor areas

Greenery adds lots of depth to outdoor areasView in gallery

Isn’t it beautiful how nature just seems to push against this house and to start to take over the backyard? It makes this small retreat feel even tinier compared to wonderfully lush surroundings. This is a place in Indonesia designed by Biombo Architects. It’s been perfectly adapted to suit this area which is what architecture is all about.

Sometimes a deck can be made to blend in with the house

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Because the large open deck looks very similar in color and texture to the exterior of this beautiful contemporary house, this makes it feel even more like an integral part of the structure. It also helps to make it look more like a natural extension of the living areas inside the house rather than a separate area. This house was designed by architect Raulino Silva

Adding layers helps to break the monotony of the decor

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To suit the overall sculptural design and unusual geometry of the house, this deck has been designed with several different levels. It steps down and flows towards the lowest point of the site, transitioning into the garden. Features like the large built-in planters make the transition less abrupt and also add layers and visual interest to the deck itself. This is part of a project completed by Tampold Architects in Toronto

Earthy colors create a warm and soothing ambiance

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This is a house situated in Comporta, Portugal. It has a very casual and breezy look, with lots of natural and earthy colors and textures involved in its design and with this super big deck area in the backyard which has a swimming pool, a large and comfortable sitting area, a place to enjoy dinner outside, a kitchen and not to mention all these lovely views as well. This beautiful design is the work of Isabelle Stanislas.

Even a small front porch can look enchanting

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Landscape design studio Garden Society did such a wonderful job at making this small wooden deck come to life. All the different succulents and flowering plants and the mix of colors and textures looks really nice and the nuances stand out even more against the crisp white backdrop created by the walls and the planter frames. 

Covered outdoor areas can be enjoyed all year long

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The charm of a modest traditional deck was mixed here with the freshness and vibrancy of a modern garden and that creates a really cool effect in the backyard of this small house. Instead of typical fences this area is framed by lots and lots of greenery. It has a fairly wild but also clean and inviting aesthetic

Sliding doors allow decks to better function as extensions of the living areas

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If the idea is for the outdoor deck to become an extension of the interior living area then it could be cool to have some of the elements that you’d normally squeeze inside the house placed out here instead. For instance, the whole dining area was placed outside here and this really helps these two spaces connect. 

A roof terrace can be made to look like a lush garden

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This house design by Joel Sanders Architect has a really cool and interesting dynamic. Its floor plan is organized on different levels and the indoor and the outdoor spaces interact in an interesting yet organic way. What you see here is actually a roof terrace, although you couldn’t tell just by looking at its design. 

A covered deck can also serve as a transitional space

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It’s also possible to have a house organized into several different volumes with transitional spaces between them. One such space can be a covered deck which would be neither fully indoor but neither outdoor. Such a design would suit a beach house or a holiday retreat. Perhaps this project done by Herbstarchitects can be a good source of inspiration.