How To Upcycle Tree Stumps Into Furniture – 8 Ideas

Tree stumps are pretty charming in their natural state, showing the versatility and beauty without the need of any artificial intervention. However, if you really want to make the most of a tree stump, you can check out the following suggestions. They offer a few interesting ideas which you can adapt and transform as desired in order to get the look or the function you want.


One option is to make upholstered tree stump stools. They’ll look really cute and this idea allows you to customize them in a lot of different and fun ways. For example, you can pick patterned fabric with different designs or different colors in order to make each stool unique.

Outdoor dining experience tree stump seating

Tree stump stools can look charming in a lot of different settings but mostly outdoors. A good example is an al fresco dining area composed of a simple wooden table and a bunch of tree stump stools arranged around it. You don’t need to change anything about them. Of course, adding a soft seat cushion can improve comfort if desired.

Mushroom ottoman - treestump

If you decide to transform a tree stump into an ottoman and you want to make it look special, one cute idea is featured on debisdesigndiary. Here you’ll find out how to make a mushroom stool using a tree stump, a red seat cushion with white polka dots and some paint. Check out the full description of the project to find more details.

Glow in Dark Log stools

If you plan on using the stools outdoors, then you can make them glow in the dark to add some spark to your décor. You can find out how such a project would evolve on wikihow. First you prepare the tree stump and this means cleaning, sanding it and removing any old screws and other things. Then you add a few coats of glow in the dark paint.

Treestump like nightstand

Stools aren’t your only option when it comes to tree stumps. In fact, they also make wonderful side tables which you can use in your living room or in the bedroom instead of a nightstand. The transformation is simple. First you prep the stump, sanding off the rough edges and then you either paint it or you add a handle if the stump is small, so you can carry it around. Find out more about these two ideas on spalvotasdryzuotas.

Dip diye stump tables

Tree stump side tables can look charming in a variety of different decors, whether your home is rustic, traditional or contemporary. A versatile design that can suit all these styles can be found on hometalk. The bottom portion of the tree stump is painted white and the castors allow the user to easily move the stumps around.

Tree stump table hairpin legs

A different design idea for a tree stump table is offered on 17apart and involves hairpin legs. It all starts with a stump which is more like a thick wood slice. You prep it by sanding it and smoothing out the edges and then you stain it. Then the hairpin legs have to be attached.

Log Slice Table

A somewhat similar design is featured on seakettle. The difference here is that the side table has stool legs. The first part of the project is pretty much identical to what we’ve just described. Then, when you have to attach the legs, you can choose to first paint them. A glossy black coat would suit them nicely.