How To Use Stained Glass To Impart A Unique Look To Your Home

Although stained glass has been around for ages, its use in the field of interior design has been limited to churches and museums. But with time it has gained popularity and new ways to use these colorful pieces have emerged. For example:

Stump mosaic on topView in gallery

Use stained glass to make a mosaic top for a stump table. You need a log and colored pieces of glass. You start by arranging them, mixing and matching the shapes until you get a design you like. Then glue the glass onto the wood.

Mosaic stained glassView in gallery

Make stained glass mosaic house numbers. It’s a great way to customize your home. The bold colors and combinations will allow the numbers to also serve as decorations for the exterior wall.

Stained glass front doorView in gallery

Or how about a staines glass front door? Don’t you simply love the way the light gets through to create that amazing visual effect on the stairs?

Over dining table stained glass lampView in gallery

You can also opt for a stained glass light fixture like the one hanging above this dining table. The stained glass allows it to look interesting even when the lights are off.

Cozy corner in the kitchen stained glass cupboardsView in gallery

Stained glass can also impart a new look to your kitchen cabinets. Light up the inside of the cabinets to make the design stand out even more.

Stained glass window for bathroomView in gallery

A stained glass window can become the focal point in the bathroom. Keep the décor simple and give the room a Mediterranean look.

Stained glass interior designView in gallery

Stained glass interior doors will look amazing from two different spaces at the same time. They’ll look gorgeous in the living room but also in the dining room or home office.{found on 30smagazine}.

Stained glass fence doorView in gallery

Of course, stained glass can also be used outside the house. For example, this intriguing gate is an unexpected feature.{found on archiverde}.