Table Corner Cushions for Protecting Your Child

When you have a child and he or she starts walking, suddenly your home turns into a place full of dangers and risks. That is why it’s your duty to make it a safe place for the little person crawling on the floor and trying to grab anything in the way. One of the most dangerous accidents that can happen at home is for your kid to bump into the table corner. Ans since tables are made of hard materials, the children can get seriously hurt, especially on the head because their heads are situated at the same height with the table corners. But, thank God, people are very innovative and they have found the solution for this problem, too. So here are a few offers for some special cushions that will protect your kid from getting hurt.

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These protective cushions for the table corners are small and made of rubber or foam and can be easily purchased in the online stores like Amazon or eBay for very small prices: $4.96, $2.95 or $24.52 a pack of four. The price depends on the materials used, quality and quantity, but they are all used on the corners of tables to protect both children and the corners of the glass tables for example. They attach easily by suction and look pretty nice.