Cool Ways To Upcycle Trophies

Winning a trophy is a wonderful reward but what can you do with it once you get home? Well, you could put it up on the mantle or display it on a shelf. But you could also upcycle it and give it a new purpose. Trophies are not just for display if you have a creative mind.

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A small trophy could be turned into a unique bottle top. You just need tapered corks and a drill. Take the trophies apart by unscrewing the nut. Then drill holes in the corks and insert the trophies in them. Now your bottles will look unique and you’ll also get an opportunity to be proud of your trophies.{found on decoradventures}.

Flowers cup.

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If you have one of those trophies that look like a giant cup you could just use it as a vase. Put some water in it and some fresh flowers and display them all on a table. You don’t have to modify the trophy or anything.{image by Eliza Claire}.

Paper wrap.

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For this project you don’t necessarily have to use your own trophies. You can find plastic trophies in thrift stores and you can use those. To give them a nice vintage look you can glue paper or pages from books on the exterior of the trophy. Then you can display it as such or stick some flowers in it and turn it into a vase.{found on site}.

Eggs holder.

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Since Easter is almost here, here’s an idea that would be great for this occasion. Here’s what you have to do. Find some old trophies and unscrew the pieces. Cover their surface with glue and glitter and paint the wood elements with blue paint. Sand them down to give them an aged look. Assemble the pieces back together. Take eggs and cover them in old book pages. Glue some tissue paper to the trophy cup edge and made rosettes out of paper. Put the eggs into their nests and display your creation.{found on curlyqmosaics}.

Paint them.

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You can also turn your old trophies into modern art. Basically all you have to do is spray paint them while. What you’ll get is simple and modern trophy art. It’s simple and it’s a nice idea if you want to decorate your home with something special or if you want to personalize it.{found on site}.

Cupcake stand.

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Here’s another unusual idea: turn a trophy into a cupcake stand. Spray the wood pieces for the base hot pink or you can wrap the pillars with patterned paper as well. For the trays you can use sturdy cardboard. Once all the pieces are done, you can reassemble the trophy. It’s not a complicated project but it would be nice if you had someone who can help.{found on justsomethingimade}.

Trophy coat rack.

Coat rack

If you don’t mind taking apart your small trophies, you could use them to make a nice coat rack. You can also but trophies if you don’t want to use your own. To make the coat rack you’ll need a drill, clamps, sandpaper, rags, natural finish, some vintage metal trophies and wood boards. Marks the spots where you want the trophies to be mounted. Clamp the wood down to the work surface and drill the holes. Then sand the board down and apply the finish. Mount the trophies and enjoy.{found on designsponge}.