Decorating With Clocks – It’s Time To Reinvent Your Home

Wall clocks have been a part of our home’s décor ever since they were first invented. Back then they were merely used to tell time but they quickly became a valuable decorative element. Clocks have adapted and evolved and they still remain an important feature in interior design.

Clocks are great for the kids’ room, especially if you’re trying to teach them how to tell time

A great way of emphasizing an oversized antique clock with accent lighting
A perfect place for a large clock I the staircase wall

Clocks looks great when displayed on empty walls and there are a lot of designs that are awesome at making rooms look complete. Some modern cloths have flexible design which let you choose how you want them to be. Oversized clocks are also an interesting option and can really make a statement in a minimalist room.

Such a design lets you position the numbers at any distance you prefer

Make the clock fit in by choosing a color that is reiterated elsewhere in the room
Make a personalized wall clock using tiny framed photos
Don’t mix clocks and artwork on the same wall. It’s best if they stay separated

Some rooms are better at accommodating clocks than others. For example, you’d expect to see a wall clock in the dining room or in the living area but not so much in the bedroom or bathroom. You can, of course, think outside the box and choose an unlikely spot specifically to make the clock stand out.

Blackboard wall
Hang the clock in a corner to save space in the kitchen