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10 Iconic Chesterfield Loveseat Designs That Are Stylish AND Comfortable

The Chesterfield sofa is, beyond a shred of a doubt, one of the most elegant types of loveseats known to man. It is designed with a certain luxurious vibe, mostly made out of leather, and it’s something that you would expect to find in the lobby of a luxury hotel. However, that doesn’t make Chesterfield loveseats untouchable to us homeowners, so let’s dig into their world a little bit more.

Chesterfield Loveseat

What Is a Chesterfield Sofa?

This is probably one of the pieces of furniture with the richest history out there. While the Chesterfield sofa began rising in popularity around the 1800s, it is believed that its history goes further back, when the fourth Earl of Chesterfield (Lord Philip Stanhope) commissioned to have this piece of furniture made for him. He requested a sofa that a man could sit on without creasing his suit.

Basically, a Chesterfield couch is a sofa with a very specific design. It is usually large (although the loveseat version is designed specifically for two people) and has armrests that are about the same height as the backrest. Some of the characteristics of a Chesterfield sofa include a button tufting a luxury upholstery, which is mostly leather or velvet. However, there are modern variations to the original Chesterfield sofa which have taller legs and armrests with a different height compared to the backrest.

Old VS Modern Chesterfield Sofas

We have established that this piece of furniture dates back to what we knew as being the British Empire, but its uses throughout the years do not stop there. For example, did you know that the Chesterfield sofa became one of the most popular furniture items that one could find in psychoanalyst offices? Sigmund Freud (a name that barely needs an introduction) started using these sofas because he believed that one of the ways to get patients to open up and speak freely is to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

But how many people still use this type of sofa in the present? Thanks to its timeless design, it is not uncommon to find rooms with Chesterfield sofas decorating them to this day. They have adapted, that’s true, and some of the modern elements make them a bit different from the original all-leather Chesterfield sofa that was originally made.

Because of these changes, the Chesterfield sofa can be easily integrated into a more modern house decor, but the luxurious elements are still there, so it’s not easy to just throw into the middle of any living room.

Benefits of Having a Chesterfield Sofa

As with most other pieces of furniture, the advantages are quite subjective, but let’s examine those that most people agree upon and see what the reasons are why someone would recommend a Chesterfield sofa to a friend:

  • First of all, a loveseat is perfect for small rooms because it is a sofa designed to seat two people comfortably. That means that if you want a sofa but your interior space won’t allow you to opt for a bigger couch, this is literally the next best thing that money can buy.
  • A Chesterfield loveseat can easily fit in into pretentious decors, especially if you’d rather have massive furniture and are in love with the details that luxury pieces are adorned with.
  • If you opt for a Chesterfield loveseat that’s made from leather or faux leather, these are very easy to clean. Since the material is waterproof, you can simply wipe the loveseat with a clean or a damp cloth. That makes these types of loveseats more durable and stain-resistant compared to other models.
  • Chesterfield loveseats that are made with fabric upholstery are typically available in a wider range of colors, which makes it easier for you to find one that matches the color scheme of the room you’re going to place it in.

Top 10 Best Chesterfield Loveseats

Whetzel Chesterfield 64″ Rolled Arms Loveseat

Rae Chenille Chesterfield Rolled Arm Loveseat

With an almost royal appearance, the Whetzel Chesterfield loveseat has a timeless design that seems fit for a castle. It is designed around a wooden frame and has a clean-lined silhouette that makes it elegant and bold. The seating measures 18.7” H x 50.79” W x 23.23” D while the overall dimensions are 31.89” H x 64.17” W x 31.5” D. It is made with velvet upholstery material and available in a wide range of colors, including cream, green, and dark blue. It can support a total weight of 500 pounds and the backrest has a height of 15.7”.

Seneca Velvet Chesterfield 64.5″ Tuxedo Arm Loveseat

Rae Chenille Chesterfield Rolled Arm Loveseat

Next up, we have the kind of Chesterfield loveseat that you would expect to see in a lounge or a luxury club. Even it’s made with velvet polyester, it is very soft to the touch and provides a great deal of comfort even when you’re sitting down for a long time. It has a weight capacity of 700 pounds and the backrest measures 22.5”. The seating portion of this loveseat measures 17.5” H x 42.5” W x 22.5” D while the overall dimensions are 29.5” H x 64.5” W x 35.5” D.

Herbert Chesterfield Loveseat

Rae Chenille Chesterfield Rolled Arm Loveseat

Coming up, we wanted to introduce the Herbert loveseat which is the masterpiece that you want to own if you have a fancy living room that yearns for a product like this. It is made with velvet upholstery available in gray, navy, burgundy, and green. It also comes with matching round toss pillows that are elegant and quite comfortable. The seating can be removed and offers the kind of comfort you’d expect from this type of product. With its sturdy metal legs, the loveseat can support a total weight of 900 pounds and the height of the back measures 13”. Overall, the loveseat measures 31.5” H x 62” W x 35.5” D, with 18.5” H x 49” W x 25” D being the measurements of the seat.

Anderson Chesterfield 69″ Rolled Arm Loveseat

Rae Chenille Chesterfield Rolled Arm Loveseat

Here comes yet another loveseat fit for royalty, designed with rolled arms and a design that’s overall amazing. It comes with a hardwood frame and accent legs that can support a total weight of 500 pounds. The upholstery material is made from velvet and is available in a navy, opal grey, and burgundy color. The height of the backrest is 14”, while the arm height (measured from the floor to the arm) is 28”. Overall, this loveseat measures 32” H x 69” W x 39” D, with 18” H x 51” W x 24” D being the dimensions of the seating area.

Koger Velvet Chesterfield 65″ Round Arm Loveseat

Rae Chenille Chesterfield Rolled Arm Loveseat

There is something about Chesterfield loveseat that screams luxury no matter the color and details of the design, and the Koger loveseat is yet another product that serves as an example to prove that’s 100 percent true. Made from velvet upholstery, this loveseat can be your in five different colors: from an elegant black to a delicate pink. It comes with seat cushions, rounded arms, and a set of shiny metal legs that can support a total weight of 750 pounds. The loveseat measures 33” H x 65” W x 30” D overall, with the dimensions of the seating area being 19” H x 48.5” W x 22” D.

Cavet Velvet Chesterfield 59.1″ Rolled Arms Loveseat

Rae Chenille Chesterfield Rolled Arm Loveseat

Elegantly design and made with quality materials, the Cavet is a true masterpiece when it comes to Chesterfield loveseats. Like the others, it’s made with velvet upholstery that feels very soft to the touch. It comes with a backrest that measures 14.57” in height and a set of very comfortable seat cushions. The channel tufting is a fine element that makes this loveseat a marvelous centerpiece in any room it’s placed in. It measures 30.7” H x 59.1” W x 30.7” D overall, with the seating area having 18.5” H x 42.5” W x 22.83” D in dimensions.

Lambdin Velvet Chesterfield 69.29″ Rolled Arms Loveseat

Rae Chenille Chesterfield Rolled Arm Loveseat

When it comes to Chesterfield loveseat, it’s almost impossible to go wrong because 90 percent of the models available on the market are an epitome of elegance and class. The Lambdin is another example of that, with quality tufting, rolled arms, and a beautiful cover made from velvet. Its astonishing blue upholstery can be replaced with other available colors, such as green or red. With beautifully sculpted wooden legs, this loveseat supports a total weight of 400 pounds. The seating measures 18.11” H x 63” W x 23.23” D, while the overall dimensions are 31.89” H x 69.29” W x 35.04” D.

Cloyd Velvet Chesterfield 62.2″ Rolled Arm Loveseat

Rae Chenille Chesterfield Rolled Arm Loveseat

With a more rugged style, the Cloyd Chesterfield loveseat stands proud in any living room it’s placed in. It has a linear silhouette and comes with diamond button tufted accents that make this piece a star amongst its peers. While the beautiful emerald green model we’ve chosen is one of the true eye-catchers of the set, there are other colors that are bound to be more suitable for your living room if this one isn’t. It comes with toss pillows and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. It measures 31.8” H x 62.2” W x 33.4” D overall with the seating alone measuring 6.2” H x 46” W x 25.1” D.

Chesterfield 61.75” Rolled Arm Loveseat

Rae Chenille Chesterfield Rolled Arm Loveseat

Since we told you that the original Chesterfield sofa was made from leather, it made sense to include a loveseat made with this upholstery material to our list as well. If you’re wondering how come the price is so affordable, know that this is faux leather. Available in a beautiful shade of brown, this loveseat comes with rolled arms and button tufting that reveals a furniture piece ever so elegant. It can support a total weight capacity of 500 pounds and has come with a set of comfortable pillows that form the seating area. The seat itself measures 17.75” H x 45” W x 23.5” D, while the overall dimensions of the loveseat are 27.75” H x 61.75” W x 33.75” D.

Rae Chenille Chesterfield 42” Rolled Arm Loveseat

Rae Chenille Chesterfield Rolled Arm Loveseat

The last item on today’s list is a bit different compared to all the other Chesterfield loveseats we’ve shown you today (in fact, some might even argue that this isn’t a Chesterfield sofa at all because there are many details different compared to what we know the original piece of furniture to be like). It is made with a solid wood base that extends to the armrests, as they are also wooden and not covered in upholstery like we’re used to seeing. The seating and the backrest are covered in chenille material. It comes with button tufting, is available in black, and has a backrest that measures 16.5”. The seating dimensions are 15” H x 40” W x 19” D while the overall dimensions of the loveseat are 27.8” H x 42” W x 23.5” D.


Chesterfield sofas are a timeless piece of furniture with rich history and a bunch of details that make them very easy to recognize. Often considered a luxury piece, these sofas are often found not just in homes, but offices, hotel lobbies and rooms, and pretty much any space where interior design revolves around the idea of elegance.