Charging stations without a tangled mess of cords

Nowadays almost all the electronics that surround us need to be charged from time to time. Having the right equipment to charge them and the place for this activity can prove itself tricky sometimes. I don’t know how is it at your place, but in my house there are nights when all the electronics need to be charged and we kind of run out of outlets making the simple task of plugging in your friend’s laptop or something like that quite challenging.

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A great thing that would definitely make things a lot easier would be a sliding shelf with a nice backrest to hold the phones in place. With a power extension cord and all your right chargers this idea looks more and more attractive.

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Another place that could work great as a charging station can be a large drawer. Any large drawer in which a power strip can be installed can be used successfully to charge your portable devices. I would recommend the drawer’s location to be somewhere in the living room or in a hallway, somewhere where you can have easy access.

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Some of you might be really interested on the power consumption and more than that they are interested on the environmental impact of the power stations that burn fossil fuel to produce electricity. For them there is a new gadget called the Electree; it is run by solar power and can be used anywhere you is a bit of sunshine. Although it is great producing free electricity it has its limitations. You can’t charge more than one phone at the time and that process takes a while to complete and is quite expensive.{picture found on houzz, and the price for device is 299 euros}.