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Increase The Value Of Your Home With A Hot Tub – Spa-Like Experience

After a long day at work, there’s nothing quite like taking a dip in a relaxing heated hot tub with pressured jets to soothe those tired muscles. Hot tubs are a great investment for any home because you’ll feel like you’re getting a massage without having to go to a spa. If you’re thinking of getting a hot tub however, it can be a challenge to figure out all the different features and purchase a hot tub that best suits your needs.

Hot tubs

To help you get started, we’ll talk a little bit about what you should look for in a hot tub before, and the different types of hot tubs before providing you with a list of some of the best hot tubs that we’ve found.

What Should You Look for In a Hot Tub? 

One of the first things to consider when looking for a hot tub is its size. You need to figure out where you’re going to place it, and what’s the size of that space. Once you’ve got that all measured out, you can then think about the square footage of the hot tub and how many seats you’d like the hot tub to have. Usually, hot tubs can sit anywhere between four to eight people, but this can vary on the size of the hot tub.

The next thing you’d need to consider is the jets. One of the best things about a hot tub is the soothing pressure that you’ll get from those water jets as you’ll be getting a relaxing massage on your back, shoulders, and sometimes even your feet. When purchasing a hot tub you’ll want to consider the number of jets in a hot tub, where it’s placed, and if it’s hitting the right spots. There are also many different types of jets from those that pulsate to those that create high streams of water.

Another thing that’s great to consider is the light and water features of your hot tub. Light features help in setting the mood and some of them even allow you to play music in your hot tub. Most hot tubs have LED lights integrated within the hot tub and can be switched on to illuminate the water in the evenings. Water features aren’t the same as jets as they’re meant to add to the whole relaxing atmosphere and can be a feature that adds to the whole experience.

Finally, you’ll want to take a look at the electrical voltage needed to hook up the hot tub. If you’re looking for a regular hot tub that can operate with a lower voltage, 110-volt models would work just fine. However, most hot tubs with a wider array of features need at least 220 volts to operate efficiently. Pumps are another thing that’s worth considering and the number of pumps you need is highly dependent on the size of the hot tub and the number of jets.

What Are the Different Types of Hot Tubs? 

Now that you’ve got a better idea of the features, what are the different types of hot tubs available on the market?

  • Inflatable hot tubs – ones that you easily inflate and bring around with you. While these are easy to set up, they can puncture easily and probably won’t have a ton of features.
  • Installed hot tubs with acrylic material – Acrylic hot tubs are durable, usually comes in many different designs, and have a long-lasting finishing as they can be used for many years.
  • Installed hot tubs with Uni-cast – Similar to acrylic hot tubs, uni-cast hot tubs are considered to be durable and they’re lighter in weight than acrylic models. It doesn’t quite have that glossy look and isn’t as energy efficient as acrylic hot tubs. They are generally more inexpensive, however, when it comes to price.
  • Wood hot tubs – Wooden hot tubs have a rustic aesthetic that no other hot tub can rival. While it’s harder to set up, you’ve got a gorgeous hot tub at the end of the installation. However, these hot tubs usually have to be heated by other means, and they don’t have a wide array of features.

Hot Tubs vs. Spas

While a hot tub and spa are oftentimes referred to as the same thing, hot tubs and spas can differ slightly from what the customer needs. A hot tub is often more of a basic tub for relaxing and soaking, where a spa might have other relaxation elements such as a water feature, jets or mood lighting. While hot tubs can easily be made customizable to incorporate these aspects of a spa, spas generally already come with these types of features already installed. You will more commonly find hot tubs within a home backyard setting or at the pool area of a hotel. A spa is more of a luxury item that can be found in salons or within a home that has an area catered for a spa setting. Luxury spas also use spas to incorporate soaks, scrubs and general relaxing environments for their clients.

This doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, it just means that the differences between hot tubs and spas are pretty small. This is one of the reasons that people tend to call hot tubs spas, and vice versa. Both of these items will definitely get you into the right mood for relaxation, and both of these items are perfect for relaxing sore muscles and removing tension from you body. You just can’t go wrong soaking in a tub full of hot, bubbling water, as this in itself will relax the body and, if you do it before bed time, it can even help you drift off to a deeper sleep.

Portable vs. Custom

Portable hot tubs are easy to move around, and they come already built. There’s no need to try to figure how to construct your portable hot tub since these are already assembled and generally ready to be used. You do, however, need to decide where you want your hot tub and decide what you want that area to look like. Whether you prefer above ground or underground, it will take a lot of planning and preparation to decide where exactly you want this new relaxing space to be and what features to include. Portable hot tubs do still need a lot of space, after all, so it’s important to plan that out before your portable hot tub arrives.

Custom hot tubs require even more planning as these hot tubs are designed by the user. These can be as intricate or as simple as you’d like, but you also have to be prepared to incur heftier costs, as this is a custom-built item specifically catered toward your tastes. Custom hot tubs do provide a lot more flexibility as you can incorporate all sorts of modes, jets, lighting, surround stairs and general feel of the space. If you have the time (and the finances) planning what your custom-built hot tub and surrounding area will look like can be a really fun process. The ability to make your hot tub as lavish or simple as you’d like is a great feeling because it will be unique and catered perfectly to your specifications.

The best 5 hot tubs you can find to increase the home value

1. Coronado DLX 7-Person 65-Jet Hot Tub with Waterfall and Ozone System

5 Person 9 Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub

This particular hot tub comes with a total of 65 jets and can sit up to 7 individuals. It’s primarily constructed with plastic, but it has a rustic appearance due to the espresso-colored synthetic wood that encases the hot tub. LED lights are included with this hot tub, and it has a single 14-jet configuration.

Other features of this hot tub include a digital topside control center, underwater multi-colored LED light feature, adjustable waterfall, and an ozone water care system for clean water. This hot tub is also energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about turning down the temperature when you aren’t using it.

Draining this hot tub is also simple, and it comes with a high-quality cover with locking safety clips to protect your hot tub when not in use. With 220 volts to this hot tub, you’ll need an electrician to help with installation, but the hot tub does come with a complimentary one-year warranty in case anything goes awry.

2. Select 200 5-Person 15-Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub with LED Waterfall

5 Person 9 Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub

This hot tub is constructed with plastic – in particular, polyethylene and is encased in a keystone, brownstone, and gray stone finish. There is a total of 15 jets in this hot tub, and it can accommodate up to 5 individuals. Since the voltage required for this hot tub is 120 volts, you’re able to install it on your own.

LED lighting is included with this hot tub and it also comes with a waterfall and a cover. The 100% water filtration system in the hot tub means that it’s easy to keep the water within the tub both crisp and clean. There are also energy efficiency and savings features to ease the cost of your electricity bill.

With a 120V outlet, you just need to plug in your hot tub and you’re all good to go. It also comes with stainless steel underwater jets with multi-level placement for soothing pressure that’ll target all the right muscles.

3. Endeavor 6-Person 50 Jet Hot Tub

5 Person 9 Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub

This luxurious hot tub has everything you need to unwind and relax after a long day. There are a total of 50 adjustable stainless steel jets within the hot tub that shoots out 100 streams of soothing hydrotherapeutic water to target all parts of the body from your shoulders to your toes. This particular tub even has dedicated jets to soothe muscles in your shoulder and neck.

The hot tub has features such as color-changing LED underwater lights along with a streaming waterfall that has a dedicated on and off control. The hot tub is constructed with acrylic and is encased with an espresso wood-like appearance for a sleek aesthetic.

The tub also has natural water purification that’ll help in keeping your water clean while using fewer chemicals. You’ve also got three comfortable headrests with this tub along with an insulated locking spa cover. Want to bring a drink with you to the hot tub? No worries, this hot tub has you covered as it even comes with a cup holder. The voltage of this hot tub is 240, so you would need an electrician to help with setting it up.

4. Select 400 4-Person 20-Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub with LED Light and Waterfall

5 Person 9 Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub

This uniquely designed hot tub is engineered with impact-resistant polyethylene and is a great investment for therapeutic benefits. It comes with 20 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets with dual-side air controls to give you full control. In comparison to other hot tubs, this particular model is also more inexpensive – fantastic for those that are looking to purchase a hot tub but don’t want to break the bank.

The multi-level jet placement will help in alleviating tired muscles and massaging every muscle. There’s also a multi-colored LED backlit cascading waterfall with a total of nine-light settings to create the perfect evening ambiance. The filtration system integrated within the hot tub will also keep your water crystal clear and clean.

There’s also a total of 4 cup holders within the hot tub so you can unwind with a glass of wine. Since the hot tub’s voltage is 120 volts, you can also easily set it up on your own without the help of an electrician. A sturdy cover is also included with the hot tub to protect it from the various weather elements.

5. Five Person 9-Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub

5 Person 9 Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub

This hot tub may be simple in design, but it comes with all the features needed for a relaxing time. Made with sturdy polyethylene material, it can fit a total of five individuals and has a mahogany exterior. There’s a total of 9 jets within the hot tub to soothe tired muscles, and they’re all adjustable.

The tub also comes with four cup holders, lights, and a cover to protect the tub. Since it runs on 120 voltage, you can easily plug your tub in and it’s all good to go. What’s great about this tub is that it’s also slip-resistant to create a safer spa environment for you and your friends and family.

The tub also has pre-installed filter cartridges to keep the water clean. It’s also one of the most energy-efficient spas on the market as it’s insulated to maintain heat to keep the electricity costs at a minimum. Best of all? The hot tub is made with high-quality materials and carries a lifetime shell warranty, so you know that it’ll last for years to come.