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Store Your Clothes Inside A Beautiful Bedroom Wardrobe

If you’re not lucky enough to have plenty of house space to make your own dresser, a bedroom wardrobe is the next best thing and it is an absolute must in terms of clothing storage. There is a right and a wrong way to shop for a bedroom wardrobe, especially when you have limited space to put it. If you’re interested in some buying tips and also some product suggestions, we’ve put together helpful info and a list of the best bedroom wardrobes.

How to Choose Bedroom Wardrobes

Let’s go over the main things that you need to look out for before you actually spend money on a new wardrobe.


The size of the wardrobe is important for two reasons. First, you most likely don’t have all the space in the world available to place a new piece of furniture as big as a bedroom wardrobe, so you will have to keep the measurements of the available space in mind before you actually shop for a new product. Second, the size of your future wardrobe is going to depend on how much clothes you have. And if you share a bedroom or even a house with someone else and you often put all your clothes together, you will need to consider how many clothes are going to be placed in that wardrobe in total.


Storage is another important factor because not all pieces of clothing are created alike. Bedroom wardrobes typically have a variety of different compartments that will be more or less appealing to you. Some of the most popular bedroom wardrobes include combinations of drawers and shelves, but also hanging space and shoe racks. You need to ask yourself: what am I going to store in this wardrobe? Once you know that, it will be way easier to shop for a suitable product.


The construction of you future bedroom wardrobe is another essential thing that you need to pay attention to. You can opt for wardrobes made from solid wood (some of the most common bedroom wardrobes are made from solid wood as it is more durable and reliable) but you can also opt for particleboard or MDF (it’s a much cheaper alternative for those of you that are on a budget). Do you want a high-gloss or a matte finish? There is also the matter of glass and mirrors to consider. These can reflect light and offer the illusion of more bedroom space. Plus, if you don’t already have a mirror in your bedroom, buying a wardrobe with a full-sized mirror is great for testing outfits before going out.


Not all wardrobes are created alike, so paying attention to the style of the wardrobe is important not just in terms of how it looks, but in terms of practicality for you and whoever else is going to store their clothes inside it. You can choose between two-door panel wardrobes (the most standard design with one half being divided into drawers and the other side having rails), three-door panel wardrobes (also includes shelves or rails), hinged/sliding door wardrobes (sliding doors are great for tight spaces because the doors simply slide from one side to another), or even doorless models (they are designed with a frame that can be collapsed and moved from one place to another).

Where to Place Your Bedroom Wardrobe

The best place to put your wardrobe is away from the bed and pathway to the doors. This will avoid you bumping into others that are standing in front of the wardrobe. If you have a mirrored wardrobe, you might want to consider placing it away from doors and windows because the sun’s light will be reflected up to a point where the bedroom light becomes blinding and annoying.

You might also want to avoid placing the wardrobe against a wall where you already have a lot of furniture. Choosing an empty wall is wise because it balances out the aspect of the room. Also make sure that the wardrobe isn’t in front of the windows because you still want natural light coming inside your bedroom.

Bedroom Wardrobe FAQ

Which color is best for bedroom wardrobe?

You want your bedroom wardrobe to match the rest of the furniture that’s in this room, but if you can’t purchase them all as part of a set so they match, is there a universal rule (or color) that can’t do no wrong? In general, you can’t go wrong with white, as the most common colors found inside a bedroom in terms of furniture are white, neutral, or light shades of brown. Furthermore, white will create the illusion of more space, so if you’re not sure what color to choose, white is probably your best bet.

How deep should my wardrobe be?

There is no general rule about how deep a wardrobe should be. However, you can’t choose one with barely any width because your folded clothes won’t properly fit inside. If you look at several market products, you will see that wardrobe cabinets generally measure about 24 inches in depth, but some models are as narrow as 12 inches in depth. 24 inches should be fine in most cases, but it also depends on how much room you have available in your bedroom and how big you want the wardrobe to be.

What is the difference between wardrobe and closet?

Shopping for new furniture can be unnecessarily complicated if you don’t know what different terms mean and what they describe. You might have seen that the terms “wardrobe” and “closet” are used interchangeably, but do they mean the same thing? In general, these two terms are synonyms, but wardrobes describe large piece of furniture that are used to store clothes, whereas cabinets can also be used to store appliances, kitchen utensils, detergents, etc.

Top 12 Best Bedroom Wardrobes

1. Elyse Armoire

Eisen Armoire

The first item on today’s list is a white bedroom wardrobe that’s nicely compartmented to hold a variety of different pieces of clothing. It measures 71.13” H x 40” W x 19.5” D and is made from manufactured wood. It includes a fixed shelf, a garment rod, and two drawers accessed from the front of the wardrobe. The interior shelves are adjustable and you have plenty of space, making this wardrobe suitable as a primary clothing storage space or a secondary one.

2. Primm Grand Armoire

Eisen Armoire

Next up, we have a three-door wardrobe that measures 72” H x 45.83” W x 21” D and has the potential to become your next piece of bedroom furniture. Made from solid wood, this baby is packed with different adjustable shelves and generously-spaced drawers so that you can have plenty of room to store your clothes. There is even a clothing rod that will keep all your ironed shirts neatly stored and just waiting to be used.

3. Derlyum Armoire

Eisen Armoire

The Derlyum bedroom wardrobe is made from solid wood and it’s one of the best products of its kind. It measures 72” H x 38” W x 21” D overall and comes with multiple drawers and plenty of storage space. It includes two clothing rods and three drawers that are perfect for storing everything from t-shirts to socks. There is also a mirrored door that will help you in picking out your outfit for the day and, in case you need more storage space, there are sets of two shelves that are sold separately and can be added inside the wardrobe.

4. Alpha Centauri Mirrored Armoire

Eisen Armoire

If you have a really small bedroom, this is the perfect wardrobe for you. Not only does it have a compact design (measuring in at 72” H x 28” W x 20” D) but it also comes with all the doors and drawers covered in mirrors, which helps project the illusion of more bedroom space. It is made from a combination of solid and manufactured wood. It comes with two drawers, one shelf, and one clothing rod.

5. Fontaine 3 Bin Curtain Storage Center Wardrobe Armoire

Eisen Armoire

If you want a doorless wardrobe, here is a product suitable for you. It measures 71.02” H x 41.34” W x 19” D and comes with adjustable shelves and a space-saving design that’s suitable for small bedrooms. There are a total of five shelves to store your clothes, as well as a clothes rod for your suits and dresses. It is made from manufactured wood and comes with a tipover restraint device included with your purchase.

6. Musman Armoire

Eisen Armoire

If you have a really large bedroom and plenty of clothes, this is the wardrobe we would recommend checking out. It measures 72” H x 60.25” W x 20.75” D, which makes it considerably wider compared to the other products we’ve seen so far. It is made from quality pine wood and comes with three drawers, three clothing rods, and it’s available in five different finishes. If you want more storage, you have the possibility of adding up to eight small shelves or three larger ones.

7. Griffis Origin Wood Wardrobe Armoire

Eisen Armoire

There is something about the design of the George Oliver Griffis Origin wardrobe that’s very appealing. Maybe it’s the combination between the cherry wooden panels and the white front doors that places this right at the border between modern and traditional furniture pieces. It measures 73” H x 38” W x 21.5” D and it’s made from manufactured wood. It comes with one non-adjustable interior shelves, two drawers, and one long clothes rod.

8. Dionisio Armoire

Eisen Armoire

If you have way too many clothes or a large family that uses a common master wardrobe (if that’s even a thing), then this piece of furniture should be at the top of your interest list. It measures 86” H x 59” W x 24” D but there is also a narrowed version with the same design available at 86” H x 47” W x 24” D. The sliding doors on this beauty are perfect for saving space. Out of the two large doors, one of them is covered in mirrors. There are six adjustable shelves inside and one clothing rod.

9. Jelinek Armoire

Eisen Armoire

The most beautiful thing about the Orren Ellis Jelinek wardrobe is the fact that it’s wide enough to fit all your clothes, yet designed with sliding doors to help save space. It is made from manufactured wood and measures 82” H x 71” W x 26” D, so you’ll definitely need a bit of room for it. The three sliding doors are all covered in mirrors, so it makes the bedroom appear more spacious while also offering you plenty of space to check out your outfit or do your hair/makeup.

10. Jolley Greige Mirrored Armoire

Eisen Armoire

If you’re particularly interested in having stylish pieces of furniture in the bedroom, you have to check out the design of the Jolley Greige wardrobe. It is constructed with both solid and manufactured wood, and the front doors are covered in mirrors. It is perfect for small spaces and comes with four interior shelves which are not adjustable. The intricate front pattern looks astonishing, and if you’re worried about limited bedroom space, know that this gem measures only 76.5” H x 36” W x 16” D.

11. Pinellas TV-Armoire

Eisen Armoire

Measuring a mere 71.63” H x 39.38” W x 21.63” D, this is yet another compact bedroom wardrobe that’s perfect for a country-style room. It comes equipped with a clothing rod, cubbyholes for putting your clothes aside, but also two bottom drawers. It has a hinged door mechanism, ball-bearing glides at the drawers, and adjustable interior shelves that grant you more control over the configuration of the available space.

12. Eisen Armoire

Eisen Armoire

Ending up our series of best bedroom wardrobes is this gem which is available in white, black, oak, and gray finishes. Made from a combination of solid and manufactured wood, this wardrobe measures 73” H x 36” W x 22” D, being a great choice for small bedrooms. It has two exterior drawers located on the bottom of this piece of furniture. It also has a clothing rod, but the sad news is that the shelves are not adjustable.

Bottom Line

While some people considering shopping for new furniture dull, it is still part of being an adult, so you are going to have to buy a bedroom wardrobe at some point. If you’re the person responsible with research, our buying guide is going to tell you what are the things you should consider before pulling out your credit card. The rest is just a matter of having the patience to browse through so many amazing models.