Bay Residence With A Tiered Design And A Concrete Shell

The site on which this amazing residence is situated is quite spectacular. The building is located in Auckland, New Zealand and it sits on a piece of land that’s elevated above a rocky cove. It stands at the entrance to a double bay, with a sloped surface towards East and North, overlooking the reef and sandy beaches.

Hekerua Bay Residence tiered design
The building is organized on a series of tiered platforms for maximized views
Hekerua Bay Residence rocky landscap
The house sits on the edge of a rocky cove and offers panoramic views of nature
Hekerua Bay Residence upper floor shell
The interior spaces are protected by a concrete shell that gives the house a lightweight and simplistic look

The house was designed in 2014 by Archimedia, a studio with a holistic design strategy and a particular interest in sustainability. For the designers, architecture represents an expression of the synthesis between people, location and time. The Hekerua Bay Residence occupies 390 square meters of space and makes the most of its location.

Hekerua Bay Residence poolside area
An outdoor swimming pool runs along one side of the house, being complemented by a lounge deck
Hekerua Bay Residence full height windows
The platforms are framed by open terraces with glass railings that don’t obstruct the views
Hekerua Bay Residence corner seating area
The corners are furnished with comfortable chairs and side tables, serving as intimate lounge spaces

The building is structured on a series of platforms that form a terraced structure. The spaces on each floor are framed by open terraces which have glass railings. They offer unobstructed views of the surroundings and they capture the full beauty of the landscape. The client, who is an engineer with a keen eye for detail, chose materials that relate to the Cypriot and Mediterranean cultures.

Hekerua Bay Residence corner lounge chair
An Eames lounge chair and a matching ottoman take full advantage of the view

Concrete is the main material used for the project. In addition to that,t he designers also used travertine with a color that matches the beaches across the bay and clay-colored sandstone reminiscent of the nearby island cliffs. The spaces are organized inside a curved concrete shell inspired by the design of the early 20th century structures found in the golf area.

Hekerua Bay Residence interior staircase
The interior staircase also has glass railings in order to maintain an open ambiance and decor

The top floor contains the master suite, a reading room, a guest suite as well as a studio. These spaces stand suspended above all the other platforms.

Hekerua Bay Residence master suite
The master bedroom has an open bathroom and the spaces are separated by a wall