Achieve a Beautiful Bistro-Styled Kitchen

Elegant and light while being cozy, designing your kitchen to look like a bistro you could stumble across in Paris can be a great update to your kitchen décor. Here are some tips to get the look right.

Fabulous Flooring.

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Patterned Floors Bring the Café Atmosphere Home

If you think of small cafes or little bistros, you’ll likely imagine their black and white flooring. This is a great way to easily create the bistro look in your kitchen. Once you’ve laid the floor, all you need are a few items or accessories to pull the look together!

Scribble it!

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Cute and Delightful Chalkboards

Scribbling menus on a chalkboard is a quirky and cute idea, plus it makes your kitchen look more like a bistro. Instead of menus, of course, try jotting down cute inspirational sayings or your latest ‘to do’ doodles.

Get Art on the Walls.

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Vintage or Modern Art Makes the Space Personal

The idea behind a bistro-inspired kitchen could be to make it look much more personal and intimate, while having a stylish aspect to it. Achieve all of this – and creative flair – with some artwork on the walls. Best of all, the artwork does not need to be expensive to create a lovely effect.

Flowers and Pastels.

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Traditional or Eclectic Bistro Styles Work with Soft Décor

Fresh flowers on the table or floral print wallpaper are some examples of how to achieve a soft European bistro atmosphere. Teamed up with pastel colors, florals help to accentuate the coziness of the kitchen. They also make the bistro look charming.

Add a Bench.

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Benches are the Ultimate Bistro Accessory

If you like the idea of a vintage-styled bistro kitchen, you can achieve this in various ways, such as by adding some vintage art to the walls. However, you can also achieve this with a kitchen bench. This drives home the laid-back, traditional style of a café. It’s also a great way to increase the number of people who will be meeting around the kitchen table.

Pendant Lights.

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Soft and Social Lighting

Pendant lights are great for creating cozy ambiance or striking a bit of sophistication. They create a soft light that works well with the bistro décor style.

Take a Seat.

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Bistro Chair Flair

Your bistro kitchen décor is not complete until you have stunning bistro chairs! These chairs are comfortable, while being versatile to match various décor styles. If you’re going for a more eclectic look, you can even mismatch the chairs.

Add an Awning.

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Window Awnings Create Old Fashioned Appeal

Finish off the bistro look with an awning. This is a nice touch, especially if you purchase one in a pattern that complements the décor you desire. For example, you could use a floral pattern on your awning if your bistro kitchen is vintage; stripes could bring home a more modern style, on the other hand. Awnings seem to be a nod to a previous era, evoking nostalgia and sentimentality. They’re exactly what you would expect to see in a charming bistro on the Paris streets.

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