A Few More Fun And Easy DIY Projects For Halloween

Halloween may be a special event but this doesn’t mean you have to ignore everything else and focus on redecorating. There are lots of very easy projects you can do which will make your home look amazing for Halloween and they require very little time, allowing you to conduct your life as before. Here are some examples.

Skull string art.

Skull string art

String art has become very popular lately so how about you make something special for Halloween using this technique? For example, you could make a string art skull. You’ll need a piece of wood, white nails, black paper and white string. Paint the wood, print out a skull photo, tape it down, space out the nails and tie the string creating a pattern between the nails.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Snake Candleholders.

Halloween candles holder

If you already have some cheap candleholders you don’t really like, then it’s a great opportunity to give them a makeover for Halloween. For example, you could make something like this: a snake candleholder for which you need black acrylic paint, super glue, plastic snakes and a paintbrush.{found on justcraftyenough}.

Cross stitch canvases.

Halloween Cross Stitch Canvases

How about some cross stitch art? It’s easy and also fun to make. You need canvas, acrylic paint, foam core board or something similar, embroidery thread, needle, tape and a hot glue gun. Print out the pattern and tape it on the inside back of the canvas. Of course, don’t forget to paint the canvas. Punch the holes and start stitching.{found on decorhacks}.

Framed spider web.

Framed spider house

The spider web is a must have if we’re talking about Halloween, the reason being that it’s easy to make, creepy and versatile. But how exactly do you make one? Well, you start by making the skeleton arms of the web. Then you make the web rings. Start the ring with a simple loop knot and continue doing the same for each arm. Create as many rings as you like. For the center, skip every other web arm.{found on danamadeit}.

Paranormal Portraits.

Spooky diy decorations

Now we’re going to show you how to make a paranormal portrait. You might wonder what that is. Well, it’s basically just a regular framed portrait with red eyes. Here’s how you make it: you make a black and white copy of a portrait, you age it with a sponge and some black craft paint mixed with water, then you cut a piece of cardboard the same size as the photo, put them both in the frame and then you insert tiny red Christmas lights through the back of the eyeholes.{found on countryliving}.

Washi tape.

Candle 4

In case the projects we’re presented so far seem a little too complicated for you, here we are with something extremely simple to make. It’s a washi tape Halloween candle. It’s actually a very nice decoration which you can also us on other occasions. You basically take an orange candle and you decorate it with washi tape.{found on theproperpinwheel}.

Faux spider web.

Mason jar spider diy

And we’re back to spiders and webs. This time we’re going to show you how to make a spider lantern. It’s as easy as it gets. You’ll need a mason jar, faux spider web, plastic spiders and votives. Take a piece of faux spider web and cover the exterior of the jar. Attach plastic spiders and put a candle inside.{found on site}.

Ceiling paper lantern.

Diy fringe lantern spider c 600x400

This is also a spider lantern but it’s very different from the one we’ve just presented. To make this one you’ll need a paper lantern, twine, black crepe paper streamers, double stitch tape and regular tape. Paint the paper lantern black if it isn’t already this color. Then add double stitch tape from the top to the bottom all around the sides and attach the streamers. Then add a piece of twine to the top and tape the spider legs to the ceiling.{found on thesweetestoccasion}.

Black wreath.

Halloween black wreath

Wreaths are very popular decorations not just for Halloween but for all major events. Today we’re going to show you how to make a spooky ballerina wreath. Start with an embroidery hoop and some black tulle. Cut it, tie knots and try to make it look something like this. Then add the finishing touches and hang it on the door.{found on hautemamadaily}.

Front door mummy.

Mummy door

If you’re planning a Halloween party at your house then you have to make sure that the entrance makes a big statement. The front door has to look amazing. So how about you turn it into a mummy? First make the eyes out of paper. After that, just wrap and wrap using double sided tape until you’re happy with the way the door looks.{found on honeyandfitz}.

Wine glasses.

Wine glass

Another simple project you could try this Halloween would be painting some glasses. You first have to choose the paint you want to use. Put the glasses upside down and make sure there’s paper underneath. Then apply paint and let it drip. When you’re happy with the way the glass looks, turn it back upright and let the paint drip down the other way.{found on lindenandlace}.

Spider web string art.

Halloween mantel

For the mantel, there are lots of decorations you can use. For example, you could make spider web string art. You need a piece of plywood, nails and black yarn. Figure out where you want the center of the web to be and then hammer the nails in place one by one. Wrap the yarn around them and that’s all.{found on site}.

Blood Dripped Candles.


These blood dripped candles actually look spooky and they’re wonderful decorations and Halloween. To make then, you need a red candle, a white candle and a lighter. Place the candles on a piece of paper, light the red candle and pour the wax onto the edge of the white candle. That’s all. It’s that easy.{found on lilyshop}.