Simple And Inexpensive Home Improvement Projects

We all have this continuous desire to make our home as best as it can be, to always improve something and to always make changes. Some of these changes require a big investment from our part but others are a little more accessible. There 8 examples show you how you can improve your home without investing a lot.

Paint your tiles.

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Did you know that tiles can be painted? With this idea you can save a lot of money. Instead of replacing a feature like, let’s say a tile countertop, you can just paint it and make it look like new again. You won’t be using regular paint because that will peal right off. Look for something more durable like this tile tub and sink refinishing kit. Clean the tile, apply the first coat and let it dry for a few hours. Then apply the second coat and that’s pretty much it.{found on livelovediy}.

Spray paint your doorknobs.

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Instead of getting new doorknobs which can be expensive and might not even look as attractive as they old ones, you can just spray paint the ones you have. Remove the doorknobs and spray paint two light coats. Don’t prime or sand them before this. Let the paint fully cure for 24 hours and then reattach them to the doors.

Repaint the old dresser.

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Don’t give up your dresser just because it’s old. You can make it look like new again with just a little bit of paint. Remove the drawers and the handles and apply primer. Then apply two coats of paint. Let it dry and then you can put the drawers back in. you can even spray paint the old hardware to give it a fresh look. {found on livelovediy}.

Make your own watering can.

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Did you know you can make your own watering can using a milk bottle and a needle and it’s even more practical than the ones you buy at the store? Just take the lid of the milk bottle, a needle and a lighter. Heat the end of the needle for a few seconds and them pierce the lid. Reheat and repeat. That’s all you need to know.{found on ajourneytoadream}.

Organize your cords.

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Isn’t it annoying that every time you want to unplug something you never know which cord to choose? Make it easy to identify each cord by putting tags on them. Gather a few brad bag tags, label them and then attach them to your cords.

Recycle toilet paper rolls

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We usually don’t even think twice before throwing away the toilet paper rolls. However, they can actually be useful. For example, use them to organize your cables and cords. You can label them with a marker and you can even decorate them to make them look more attractive.

Make home number planters.

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Instead of the usual house numbers which are either found on the door or exterior wall, you can try something different and a lit more attractive like a planter. Take a simple terra cotta planter and give it a makeover. Paint it and use a stencil to spray paint your house number on it. {found on positivelysplendid}.

Turn your kid’s drawings into artwork.

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The cheapest artwork is the one you make yourself. Display something meaningful on your walls like the drawings your kid makes. Use rope and nails so you can display the drawings in rows. A lovely idea for the playroom for also for the rest of the house.{found on designimprovised}.

Slicing cherry tomatoes.

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This one’s not exactly a project but more like a simple kitchen hack. It shows you how you can slice cherry tomatoes in half without wasting a lot of time ad effort. Take two lids from plastic containers and place a row of tomatoes in between. Hold the top lid and slice through with a serrated knife.{found on food52}.

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