7 Ways To Display Your Jewelry: Part 1

Displaying your jewelry is great for two big reasons: organizing the mess and showing off your collection. If you’ve got a bigger collection then you may need to get a bit craftier or only display your best, but if you’ve got a small/medium collection and you want to get creative and DIY a bit …. please do, it’s a interesting, fun and tidy way to keep the chaos to minimum. Find your necklaces and rings quicker, have something style-focused for your most stylish accessories and clean up! Use any one of these ways to display your jewelry today.

1. Recycled glass bottles.

Satori Teacup Jewelry Organization

Have a lot of bangles and bracelets? Try recycling some glass bottles and use them to store and display them! Place them in a crate to hang them on a wall or keep them on top of your dresser. It’s a funkier way to keep your bracelets straight.

2. Wooden clothes hangers.

Satori Teacup Jewelry Organization

Add some hooks and hang everything up! You’ll keep everything organized, easy to find, tidy and add a bit of rustic, wooden vibes to the space.

3. Giant DIY cork board.

Satori Teacup Jewelry Organization

A bunch of frames (or an old window frame) and several square cork boards later, you can make this! Use push pins to hang jewelry up and Voila! It’s a beautiful way to show off your most sparkly accessories.

4. One frame, one fabric.

Satori Teacup Jewelry Organization

There’s also the option of creating pretty wall art too. Use fabric and an elaborate frame to make something special for your wall and your jewelry.

5. One frame and a piece of string.

Satori Teacup Jewelry Organization

Forget the fabric or the cork, try chicken wire or ribbon. Lean it on a desk up against a wall or hang it up as a piece of art. It’s a bit more eclectic and less modern than the above option.

6. Yes, a cheese grater.

Satori Teacup Jewelry Organization

This is vintage eclecticism at its finest. Use a cheese grater (paint it and add legs or a ribbon if you’d like) to display your necklaces! Place it atop a dresses, chest of drawers or armoire to show off!

7. Teacups!

Satori Teacup Jewelry Organization

A little country flavor, a bit vintage and a whole lot of girlish charm, teacups are the best little way to display some of your cutest pieces. It dresses up your tables or drawers and allows you to keep your rings and tiny earrings in sight.

Picture sources: 1, and rest from pinterest.