5 Ways To Give Your Home Some Spanish Flair Like A Pro

Spanish architecture and interior design are very beautiful and impress on many levels. They are defined by a few main elements that can be easily identified and reproduced in order to make a simple interior décor stand out. It’s the same for all the architectural details that make a home unique. Here are just 5 of these elements:

1. Terracotta roof tiles.

Teracota roofView in gallery

Teracota roof1View in gallery

Easily identifiable and usually associated with Spanish homes, terracotta roofs are also very popular in other regions and are appreciated for their rustic look. These red clay tiles give the home a warm, earthy look and are also often used to create eye-catching asymmetries and patterns. They stand out especially when used in combination with white or lightly-colored facades.

2. Curves and arches.

Arches curvesView in gallery

Most Spanish homes and Mediterranean-inspired designs in general are defined by beautiful, lean curves and graceful arches. These are architectural elements that can make a great difference between a simple, traditional design and an elegant and well-thought one. An arched entrance door makes a strong first impression and the same goes for the arched windows.

3. Painted tiles.

Colorful stairsView in gallery

Fireplace design mosaicView in gallery

Mansard designView in gallery

Besides all the main architectural elements such as the arches, columns, roof shapes and models and everything else, there are also other smaller details that are specific to Spanish designs and that can really change the atmosphere. For example, painted tiles can make a very interesting appearance on staircases, fireplaces but also in more unexpected places such as on the façade, windows, chimney, etc.

4. Arcades.

Arches curves1View in gallery

Outdoor design archesView in gallery

Arcades are old architectural features that were originally conceptualized in Rome that are very popular in Mediterranean designs. An arcade is a series of arches supported by columns and they have a strong visual impact because of the symmetry and elegance of the curves. Arcades can be used for covered terraces or patios but also as an interior design element for hallways and entryways.

5. Iron features.

Metal design windowsView in gallery

Stair case rail metalView in gallery

Sometimes it’s not all about the shape and size but also about the material used. In terms of materials used for both interior and exterior decors, Mediterranean designs in general are defined by the use of iron ornamental features. Iron is usually used for staircase railings, gates, window grilles but also for chandeliers, lighting fixtures and other decorative details.

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